Customer and employee satisfaction are our number one priority. We achieve this by working together in a highly collaborative environment to deliver fast, reliable and top-quality results. We offer our employees the ideal working conditions for personal and professional development, including an individual mentoring and coaching programme, flexibility, a modern workplace in a beautiful location, and a working environment which enables employees to focus on their work but also take regular breaks together. Working at HCM ADVICE is characterized by short chains of command, an open-door policy and “you culture”, where everyone is valued and treated with respect. We get along well outside of work and like to have a chat and a laugh and go out together (e.g. sports, food, cinema, …).

What do our customers expect from us and what do we offer them? At HCM ADVICE we’re not just about 0s and 1s. We analyse, advise and implement solutions:

  • on the one hand, to streamline our customers’ processes and drive forward digitization within their HR departments;
  • on the other hand, to increase engagement, motivation and job-satisfaction of our customers’ employees through talent management concepts.

Our IT consulting services cover the still widely used SAP HCM On-Premise environment consisting of ESS/MSS (Employee Self-Service, Manager Self-Service), time management, billing, etc. as well as the new age of cloud technology comprising of SAP SuccessFactors, Concur and the cloud platform of SAP. SuccessFactors is the flagship system from SAP. SuccessFactors offers a perfectly coordinated system by combining modules from across the various stages of the employee life cycle, starting with planning, recruiting, onboarding, to goal setting and performance reviews, learning management and much more. Together with SAP Concur, which has already revolutionised the way we manage travel, we offer the complete package of expertise and advice for corporate human experience management of the 21st century.

Our happy customers and low rates of fluctuation are proof of our success.