XFT Personnel File

In Germany, from 2023, the paper form of the certificate of incapacity for work will no longer be accepted and an electronic reporting procedure will be implemented. Most applications will be submitted using online portals or CVs and correspondence sent via e-mail. Doctor’s confirmations or vaccination certificates will rarely be brought into the offfice by hand, but will be transmitted digitally instead. These are only few of many examples in which digitalization leads to the end of paper-based documents. Anyone who does not want to constantly use their printer to keep personnel files up-to-date should also switch to a digital form here. Digital administration reduces the workload and resources.

XFT Personnel File represents a variant of the management of digital employee documents: A digital personnel file that can be completely integrated into your existing SAP HCM or SuccessFactors system.

The advantages of this completely integrated solution are that it can be based on the existing SAP authorization concept, meaning authorizations for accessing files can be controlled and monitored easily. Individual file access can be controlled as well as temporary access to documents via a loan function. Another major challenge is complying with deletion deadlines. Here, too, the XFT Personnel File supports you with corresponding functions. In this way, data protection requirements can be implemented and monitored.

The personnel file can be called directly in SAP HCM personnel administration (PA20, PA30) for the relevant personnel number. Functions can also be integrated into an existing SAP FIORI. Functions such as “My File“, “My Temporary Files“, “Get Temporary Access“, “Applicant File“ or “Upload Document to File“ can comfortably be implemented using Employee Self Service. This integration enables employees to submit their own documents themselves thus contributing to the reduction of the administrative outlay in the HR area.

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