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SuccessFactors Analytics allows you to make all important business decisions based on strong facts. You get quick and sound answers to all relevant HR questions and using detailed analyses, find solutions to complex problems.

Every day modern business software generates loads of data that can serve as the basis for complex analyses. Interpreting the data and making it usable can be very difficult. With sound, fact-based analyses taking too long, many decisions are still based on intuition and assumptions.

With SuccessFactors Analytics all that changes as it provides you with complex analyses in real time. Using tools and prefabricated reports, developed on the basis of many years’ experience analyzing HR data, you quickly gain an insight into your data. Using Drag&Drop allows you to move and arrange data. Once you have an overview, you can then use Drill-Down techniques to jump to detailed analyses in order to analyze and examine critical areas more thoroughly.

Integrated benchmarking allows you to see at all times how your company’s performs in comparison with competitors in the area. Workforce Analytics also provides you with more than 2000 predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so that you can get a quick overview of your company’s status.

All data can be presented graphically. You can also save the most important results to your homepage and when you get online, immediately view your most current and important data. And all that without a single click.

Based on these analyses and results, you create action plans and goals in Performance & Goals, post new job ads in Recruiting, plan career paths in Succession Management or identify required trainings for SuccessFactors Learning.

Integrating your data with data from Financial Accounting and CRM gives you an even more comprehensive insight into your company.


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