In the modern working world, staff retention and the planning of efficient staff assignments start before the actual hiring. It is crucial to begin integrating new employees before they even start. The SAP SuccessFactors module Onboarding supports you in this process, providing you with all the tools necessary.

SuccessFactors Onboarding allows you to implement an ongoing onboarding process, including your HR department, the managers in charge and the new employee. Already before starting work, your new employee can access relevant information and establish contact with your company’s key figures. That way a major part of the formalities and the paperwork can be completed before the new employee starts work and he/she can introduce him/herself to his/her colleagues, which makes the whole process of joining a new company easier. When starting work, all necessary tools are already available for the employee having attended many onboarding workshops and his/her enrollment plan (possibly integrated with Learning) has already been determined.

This enables employees to start more quickly and identify with the company’s goals (possibly integrated with Performance & Goals). Using Onboarding, you can avoid employees suddenly changing their minds, shortly before or after they start work. In addition, rapid deployment of new staff saves you a lot of money.

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