JAM Collaboration

SAP JAM is an advanced communications platform, connecting your employees, customers and partners and making collaboration and content distribution more efficient. You can create groups according to different interests, where users exchange views with each other and experts, provide current information, facilitate discussions about open questions and overall enhance the flow of information, thus positively affecting company success.

SAP JAM gives you many options of displaying and sharing information, such as chats, forums, blogs, wikis, videos, voice memos or traditional documents.

SAP JAM supports you in many areas of HR Management, for example, in Recruiting with additional communication, in Onboarding with complementary contents and mentoring groups or in Learning with additional materials and learning groups.

Using SAP JAM, you support your teams with organizing and carrying out projects and making efficient decisions. You promote communication and the exchange of information, thereby making your employees’ implicit knowledge explicit and useful for your company.