Workforce Planning

SuccessFactors Workforce Planning provides you with the tools for optimizing your HR planning on the basis of your business planning. That way you can counter mid- and long-term talent shortages as well as overcapacities in your company.

Workforce Planning allows you to simulate “what if” scenarios in order to better assess the operative and financial consequences of your decisions. Based on these analyses, you can make faster, sounder and more efficient decisions in the future.

You optimize your short- and long-term HR planning, by, for example, preparing your company for an expansion, retirements or sales fluctuations, and make important decisions about training needs and employee development. Workforce Planning identifies possible future quality gaps early and enables you to react in time by training your employees or hiring new employees.

In addition to SuccessFactors, SAP on-premise systems and many other ERP or HR systems can be integrated with Workforce Planning.