EMPLOYEE INTERACTION CENTER is a call center app, allowing your employees or the HR department to access the most current HR master data and to record all details pertaining to the phone call.

Using different communication channels, such as phone, mail, chat or a web form, your employees can contact the Employee Interaction Center anytime to ask questions, start HR processes such as master data updates or get help with more complex HR requests. Employee Interaction Center staff will answer these questions according to definable Service Level Agreements (SLAs), thus widening the range of services available to your employees. This can be necessary if your employee cannot access the relevant data via Self Services or needs further assistance. That way, the Employee Interaction Center complements the Employee and Manager Self Services and can also be directly integrated with them.

With our long experience, we at HCM ADVICE are happy to support you with planning and implementing your Employee Interaction Centers to ensure a successful launch.