HR Renewal is a web-based technology providing an advanced, user-friendly interface for Employee Self Services, Manager Self Services and personnel administrators.

On the homepage, your employees can view the most important information, such as available vacation time or working times; they can intuitively create new requests and view documents.

On the homepage, your managers also get an overview of relevant data and can perform different processes, such as approving employee requests.

While the functions available to managers and employees are already familiar from Self Services, and are just getting a new look, HR Renewal presents more comprehensive modernizations for personnel administrators.

With SAP HR Renewal, numerous tasks that used to be performed in the traditional SAP GUI, can now be processed in web-based, user-friendly interface. For example, data that used to be accessible only via different infotypes, can now be clearly arranged in a single interface.

The available functions can be used by and in relation to all kinds of employees via the SAP Authorization Concept. In addition, users can further personalize the interfaces, adapting them to their work methods.