SAP Introduction

SAP is the leading software company for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Furthermore, it is one of the biggest software developers worldwide. The software supports businesses and all their divisions, such as HR, finance, logistics and Sales.

Their cloud portfolio offers solutions such as SuccessFactors, Concur, Fieldglass, Hybris, etc. and makes them the leading suppliers of cloud-based business software. Together with their implementation partners, SAP is specialized in making the switch to the Cloud, as comfortable as possible. While doing so, providing secure SAP data centres is one of their key objectives.

SAP as a software company, only employs few consultants and is focused on sales. Therefore, SAP partners with companies such as HCM ADVICE, who specialize in implementation, customizing, support and enhancements to the standard software. The division of tasks between SAP and their partners ensures that customers are provided with highly competent service, to achieve the best possible results.

With SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors, they offer a great number of solutions to support all tasks of HR management. An overview of all modules is provided in the graphics below:

The left half of the graphics includes all modules of the classic On-Premise solution. For a better overview, these are sorted into categories of Workforce Processes, Talent Management and Analytics. The On-Premise modules are part of the proven SAP R/3 solution, which either run locally on company-owned hardware, or with an external Outsourcing provider.

In the bottom left corner you will find topics that also interact with modules outside from SAP HCM, such as CATS (Cross Application Time-Sheet) and General & structural authorizations. In the lower left half you will find an overview of available user interfaces, such as SAP FIORI or Employee and Manager Self Services. These interfaces provide a multitude of possibilities to give SAP a modern and user-friendly design, to further user acceptance. For example, SAP FIORI offers apps for all mobile devices, to ensure your employees and managers can work effectively – wherever they are.

The right part includes the cloud-based offers of SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Concur. Unlike On-Premise products, Cloud tools run on SAP data centres. Therefore, customers save costs for purchasing and maintenance of hardware. Furthermore, cloud tools are constantly revised and developed, so customers are regularly provided with new functions at no extra cost. As data security overall and HR data especially is an important aspect, SAP handles data with utmost care and priority in its data centers .

SAP Concur is the ideal solution for any organization looking to gain greater visibility into their business travel spending, and to save time and reduce costs. With highly advanced and user-friendly modules, such as: Request, Travel, Expense, Invoice and Analytics, SAP Concur supports employees in all stages of the business travel process. From planning, requesting and booking travel, to accessing the travel itinerary while on the go as well as processing travel expenses and generating reports and analysis; SAP Concur supports, organizes and streamlines your everyday business.