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SAP Organizational Management facilitates producing, collecting and managing all data pertaining to the organizational structure in a single, centralized location. Other modules use this database for numerous functions, such as defining workflows, assigning roles and permissions in the organization or assigning superiors. SAP Organizational Management prevents redundant data storage in other SAP modules’ organizational charts.

In SAP Organizational Management, you manage your organizational units, positions and people, assign management positions and transfer persons from one organizational unit to another.

In SAP Organizational Management, for planning and optimizing further restructuring, you can create and analyze various notional organizational structures in addition to the actual organizational structure.

Integrating SAP Organizational Management with SAP SuccessFactors allows you to provide your employees with a graphic of the organizational structure.

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SAP HR Master Data management allows you to collect all relevant HR data in a centralized location and provide it to other modules. You complete all HR related workflows, such as an employee’s marriage or salary adjustments, and analyze the data according to your specific needs.

International companies will benefit from the many country-specific versions provided by SAP, which allow them to maintain data relating to a country’s legal provisions in the designated data fields.

With HR master data management, you can manage your international employees and expats as well as staff deployment activities. The integration with payroll ensures that you run expatriate payrolls correctly and prevents the double counting of taxes and other duties.

Integrating HR Master Data management with SAP Employee Self Services (SAP ESS) or SAP FIORI launchpad allows you to delegate various HR administration tasks, such as address changes, directly to your employees, unburdening your HR department.

In addition to the classic SAP HR Master Data management, SAP also offers the SuccesFactors module Employee Central, which is completely cloud-based, for the digitalization of the many structures and processes in the HR department or international HR department (either alternatively or supplementary).

SAP SuccessFactors allows you to make master data available to your employees so that they can view and analyze it. You also have the option of selecting which data should be available according to the employee’s positions. Being able to access data at all times, employees and especially managers can thus make better decisions.

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Future cost planning is an essential element of every successful company. Budget drafts at all levels of the company are necessary to be well prepared for the coming periods and to be alerted in time if planning is too far removed from reality.

SAP HR Cost Planning allows you to manage your personnel costs and simulate these for future months. It takes into account various factors, including the planned compensation for planned items, past and simulated payroll results (incl. tax or social security costs), but also planned pay scale reclassifications.

You therefore have constant access to an extensive overview of the actual situation in your company, and can compare this with various fictitious scenarios. This enables you to quantify optimization potential and prepare in advance for company restructuring and the accompanying cost changes this will bring about, as well as make appropriate decisions.

The results of HR Cost Planning can be transferred into other important SAP modules, such as Financial Accounting, Controlling and the SAP Business Warehouse.

For easy implementation of SAP HR Cost Planning, we at HCM ADVICE have created a template, allowing us to implement efficient HR cost planning with a web-based planning interface in your company.

As a cloud-based alternative to HR Cost Planning, SAP offers the SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning (SAC for Planning), which can be integrated in your SAP HCM system via standardized interfaces.

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SAP Shift Planning enables your company to carry out work scheduling that takes into account your employees’ qualifications (SAP Qualification Management). In addition, you can manage on-call duty arrangements and assign employees to specific task forces and working groups, such as relieve and repair crews.

SAP Shift Planning allows you to both analyze, manage and optimize current workforce deployment and monitor as well as simulate future HR needs so that you are well prepared to react to changes. You can both analyze existing qualifications revealing your employees’ hidden potential and point out in time that additional qualifications need to be obtained, either through further trainings (SAP Learning Solution, SuccessFactors Learning) or recruiting (SAP Recruiting, SuccessFactors Recruiting).

If shift planning is integrated in SAP Employee Self Services (SAP ESS), your employees can view their current schedules and request changes based on their personal availability and preferences, which will then be sent to the responsible manager for approval. Eliminating the need for many time-consuming interviews and discussions, this automatism greatly unburdens managers and shift leaders.

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SAP Time Management includes all the functions your company needs to record and analyze working time. In addition, you can manage employee attendances and absences and make the data available to other modules, especially SAP Payroll.

SAP Time Management supports both positive (recording all attendances and absences) and negative (recording deviations from the work schedule) time management and enables you to create shift schedules based on your specific needs and according to legal regulations. Your employees have many options for recording their times, such as standardized integration in terminal systems, SAP Employee Self Services (SAP ESS) and SAP Cross Application Time Sheet (SAP CATS) or SAP FIORI apps on the smartphone. SAP Time Evaluation automatically generates increases and reductions, making all relevant data directly available to SAP Payroll and other modules.

In SAP Time Management, you can create different absence and attendance types for your employees, such as vacation or professional development time, and automatically assign them to eligible employees. Employees can enter their leave requests directly into the system (or using SAP ESS or mobile SAP FIORI apps) and send these to their superiors for approval.

Integration into SAP ESS means that your employees have the option of independently viewing their time statements or entering the afore-mentioned leave requests.

As a time management system in the Cloud, SAP offers the SuccessFactors Time Tracking module. This can be seamlessly integrated into both the SuccessFactors Employee Central module and Employee Central Payroll in SAP HCM.

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One of the most important parts of human resources is the payroll department. Because of the many legal regulations and various special cases occurring among employees, payroll can be very complex.

Combined with other HR modules, SAP Payroll enables you to efficiently manage all payroll-related tasks. Already its standard version allows you to take care of nearly all your company’s requirements, such as off-cycle payroll, analyzing time data, seizures or year-end jobs in a highly automated manner. HCM ADVICE can adapt these standard solutions to your specific requirements enabling you to view and manage any conceivable payroll scenario.

SAP Payroll is available in many country-specific versions, which include local legal regulations and are adapted to legal changes yearly. This keeps you up-to-date on legislation, ensuring correct payroll accounting.

Integration with HR Master Data ensures that it is smoothly integrated into your calculations. When, for example, a child is born, the correct allowances are generated automatically, without the need for manual HR intervention.

Integration with Time Management means that you can run payroll for your employees, accurate to the hour and including hours, allowances, absences, and periods of sickness.

SAP Payroll is also integrated with Finance Management, allowing for seamless payment processing.

If your company uses SuccessFactors Employee Central, SAP Employee Self Services (SAP ESS) or SAP FIORI, you can use these options to directly provide your employees with their wage slips and also provide insight into other important information.

Ongoing payroll data storage ensures high data quality. In case revisions are necessary, the needed data is readily available at all times.

The Payroll Control Center (SAP PCC) allows you to manage SAP Payroll via an innovative web interface supporting you with initial data integrity checks, workflow-oriented payroll graphs and many other tools. PCC allows you to manage payroll both via your On-Premise SAP HCM and as cloud-based service in data centers hosted by SAP. Integration with SuccessFactors Employee Central and the Payroll Control Center means that you can manage payroll directly in SucccessFactors and administer all payroll data in the Employee Central.

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The SAP Incentive Wages component enables you to pay your employees based on their performance. SAP supports the following forms of payment: time wage (employees are paid on the basis of the time they have worked), premium wage (a performance-related, variable premium is added to the standard wage), and piecework wage (employees are paid for each unit produced or action performed). Incentive wages can be used for both individual employees and groups, for example a production line.

In order to collect the data needed for calculating the incentive wage, it is necessary to create an interface between the SAP Logistic module and the PDC (Plant Data Collection) terminals.

SAP Incentive Wages is integrated into the SAP Payroll and SAP Time Management components, which can use Incentive Wages data to determine various balances and employee payments.

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HRForms by Adobe

HRForms by Adobe is the next generation of SAP Smart Forms and SAPscript. The new PDF-based print forms can be easily combined with the SAP Netweaver technology platform, thanks to decades of intensive cooperation between SAP and Adobe. With this new technology, HRForms by Adobe enables the simplest structuring method for data output or entry to date, with a layout that is both clear and easy to understand.

Regardless of whether it is a remuneration statement or a time sheet, HRForms, with extensive, advanced, and complex new features (e.g. enhanced layout options or support of script languages) always offers the option of creating an attractive and modern-looking form, compared with the old alternative, which also meets your technical requirements at the same time.

The use of PDF forms in electronic business processes in the SAP environment has opened up unimagined scalability and integration possibilities due to the widespread use of Adobe Reader. Using Adobe Reader, an e-mail program, and/or a web browser, a created HRForm can be easily opened, edited, and redistributed at any time.

For years HCM ADVICE has specialized in the introduction, adaptation, and enhancement of customer-specific remuneration statements and time sheets. With our knowledge and experience in both Adobe LiveCycle Designer and the SAP environment, we will be happy to help you design the remuneration statement completely according to your needs, from functionality to layout. Contact us simply and without obligation for more information.

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