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SuccessFactors Learning allows you to continue to train your employees and manage all trainings in one central location. You can create online trainings, face-to-face trainings or blended learning trainings and either offer them in the online catalogs or automatically assign them to employees.

After a training, you have the option of administering tests. If they pass, employees can directly print their certificates. Training participants get to fill out evaluations, providing you with a good overview of your trainings so that you can quickly see what needs to change or be improved.

Using curricula and programs you create more comprehensive trainings, assigning them to your employees to make them familiar with more complex topics.

Using their own interfaces trainers can keep attendance in their courses and also make comments about individual participants.

Managers can assign necessary courses to their employees and can view and also evaluate training data.

Besides your employees, you can also add external users, such as your customers or partners, to SuccessFactors Learning and have them attend special trainings (for new products, uses of marketing materials, etc.).

If you are using Performance & Goals or Career Development Planning, you can create an interface between your employees’ defined development goals and trainings in SuccessFactors Learning.

If you are also using Work Zone, you company will get a high added value as Work Zone allows us to support social learning. Course participants get invited to specific Work Zone groups, where they can talk about the course and get extra materials.

With SAP Learning Marketplace, SAP combines the features of SuccessFactors Learning and Hybris, its leading e-commerce platform, and thus allows you to offer your trainings through a web shop. That way you can make product or safety trainings available to your customers and partners and also, by selling trainings, increase company sales. Using SAP Hybris, SAP Learning Marketplace supports all standard methods of payment and also allows for the management of discounts and vouchers.

The implementation is fast and uncomplicated with our own ADVICE SF Learning Template. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


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Litmos offers the worldwide user-friendliest LMS (Litmos Training), which is equipped with a course library (Litmos Training Content) of more than 2500 specialized courses for various stakeholders.

The system allows you to design and export interactive training in the form of SCORM courses in Litmos. The content can be created interactively to keep the interest and concentration of the employees while reading or watching. Various question and answer options are available for the tests. In addition to the standard options, the uploading of documents and videos by employees is also included. Employees can also create and upload their own content, but this needs to be approved by the admins before it is published to all other employees.

Litmos is the right choice for your company if you do not want to invest in the complete SAP SuccessFactors suite. For companies that already have the SuccessFactors suite, Litmos is also suitable thanks to its partial integration. Litmos differs from SuccessFactors Learning due to its faster implementation, which can take just one month, compared to several months.
When Litmos was first introduced to the market, the developers‘ vision was to create an LMS that was “quick to configure, easy in administration and entertaining“. Litmos satisfies all these criteria.

Litmos is:

  • Quick to configure because the installation process has been optimized and the integration with other solutions is simplified by numerous connectors and API options. This enables the average implementation time of just one month
  • Easy in administration thanks to the automatic onboarding function: Litmos provides online training courses that can be assigned to new employees to support their independent onboarding. Adaptations to the system are also quick to make thanks to user questionnaires. 70% of the product functions originate from queries from the community
  • Entertaining because there are leader boards, achievements and badges, which promote the employees‘ self-motivation. The contents can be designed to be interactive and entertaining

Litmos is also available as a mobile app, which enables your employees to take training courses on different devices (including offline). Contact us, easily and without obligation, for more information.


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