With SAP Employee Self Services (ESS) and Manager Self Services (MSS), your employees can perform numerous HR management processes on their own, significantly unburdening your HR department. SAP ESS/MSS are web-based technologies, allowing our employees and managers to access the offered services from anywhere.

Activities that every employee can execute are mapped in the Employee Self Services. Manager Self Services focusses on typical management activities.

Needless to say, you can also select an optimum set of options for your company, which will be available to your employees and managers in the SAP Employee Self Services and Manager Self Services.

The apps based on SAP FIORI, offered by SAP, represent an alternative to the classic ESS/MSS applications. Like ESS/MSS, SAP FIORI also offers a broad spectrum of apps that can be configured for employees and managers and, thanks to modern design guidelines, are extremely user-friendly and available on all devices. Of course FIORI and ESS/MSS can also be used in combination by integrating the Employee Self Services into the FIORI Launchpad thus enabling the use of the best of both technologies for your company.

With SAP HR Renewal, the Self Service applications receive a new, attractive user interface, thereby becoming more user-friendly and less prone to error.

We would like to show you in detail what options you have when integrating the various SAP components, and what activities you can make available to your employees.

  • If your employees are authorized, they can use ESS and MSS to view their personal data (for example address, bank details, or communications data) and perform updates, which your managers can then approve or discard.
  • Combined with Time Management, ESS/MSS allows your employees to record working times online, submit leave requests and view an overview of working times and absence quotas. Your managers can either approve or deny the leave requests and also view team absences and attendances.
  • In Payroll and Compensation Management, there is an option to display employees’ salary statements directly online and let your employees select their individual compensation plan from those available.
  • SAP Event Management, where employees can sign up for events, and SAP Learning Solution, where they can access learning materials directly online, can also be integrated with ESS/MSS. The relevant manager can check these registrations and, if necessary, reject or change them.
  • Integrating the SAP E-Recruiting solution with the Self Services offers your employees an internal job portal, where they can directly apply for open positions. Managers can both manage the job postings and contact candidates.
  • Shift Planning tasks can also be integrated with ESS/MSS. Employees can list their preferred working times which are then made available to the relevant manager for planning purposes. After planning working times, employees can view the final schedule.
  • Travel Management can also be integrated with ESS/MSS, allowing your employees to directly request trips, manage travel budgets and process travel expense records.

Far from complete, this list of ESS & MSS functions gives you only a few examples of the many options you can make available to your employees using ESS & MSS.

Regarding modules that are integrated with ESS/MSS, you can also make reporting options available to your managers.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.