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  • have any questions,
  • want to inquire about something specifically or
  • are looking for an individual offer.
Give us a call:
+41.41.2801917 (for Switzerland)
+43.1.2364312 (for Europe)
+86.131.62362927 (for Asia)
or contact us by e-mail
Mr. Berthold (CEO).


As customers of HCM ADVICE, please use the mobile phone number of your consultant, or call the relevant location. We will be happy to connect you.

Partners & Suppliers

We are a very cooperative company and work together with a partner network.

We look forward to new state-of-the-art technical and business solutions to support our customers.

We are especially interested in:

  • Top-notch templates and programs in the SAP HXM sector
  • SAP HXM based implementations for special solutions in the human resources sector, for example:
    • Excellent solutions exceeding the usual standards by far
    • Interesting industry-specific solutions
  • SAP-external software solutions, complementing the SAP system via interfaces

Technically these can be:

  • Time management solutions
  • Payroll templates
  • Solutions in human resource development
    • Career planning
    • Employee evaluations
    • 360° feedback analyses
  • Web solutions for ESS and MSS
  • Web solutions for budgeting and labor-cost planning
  • Any mobile solutions in the SAP HXM sector

If we have sparked your interest, please contact us (including relevant product details) at

Thank you very much.