Team picture

Our team consists of consultants with international experience, a high degree of social competence, multi-lingual knowledge and an excellent educational background in Computer Science and/or Economy.

We provide our customers with consulting services in multiple languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Slovak, Slovenian, Hungarian, Serbo-Croatian, Romanian, Polish, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Turkish, Russian, Indian-Malayalam, Chinese-Mandarin and Cantonese. We provide diverse expertise not only for manufacturing, commercial and service enterprises from various industries, but also for different departments of public administration.

Our project managers and consultants are committed to the fulfillment of customers’ requirements with prompt, high quality solutions in compliance with our project management methodology. Our managers supervise the implementation of projects and systematically instruct the personal development of our employees into highly accomplished consultants.

Together, a group of people can make better decisions than an individual.1) Bearing this in mind, we have developed a strong culture of teamwork which enables us to efficiently provide the best solutions for our customers. An additional advantage of this is that several consultants are well-informed about a single customer’s requirements, ensuring that there is a contact person available for the customer at any time.

1)See for instance “The Wisdom of crowds. Why the Many are smarter than the few.” James Surowiecki, 2004.