Assessment Center

What can you expect at our Assessment Center? We have grown rapidly in recent years and have perfected our recruitment process to enable us and our applicants to get a good idea of whether or not working together makes sense. The aim of the assessment center is not to put you in a stressful situation but rather to give us and you the opportunity to determine whether HCM ADVICE is right fit. Please allow between three and four hours for the assessment center. You will be given some tasks that you will be asked to solve on your own. Afterwards we will go through your results together and you will receive immediate feedback. The next step will be a more in-depth interview where we can get to know you better and you also have the opportunity to ask questions about the company and the role itself.

Openness, value and respect – that is what makes our application process stand out!

Why do we include certificates and an assessment center in our recruitment process? High achievers like to work with high achievers. That’s we always pay close attention to the credentials of our applicants during the recruitment processes. While grades and qualifications don’t tell us everything about an individual applicant, they do give us an idea of your knowledge and strengths. For us, it’s particularly important to be able to recognise your development throughout your school, university and professional training.

The Assessment Center helps us and you to determine the extent of your professional know-how. Assessment will vary depending on the level of the position you are applying for.

We look forward to receiving your application!