SAP Solutions

SAP Introduction

SAP is the leading software company for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Furthermore, it is one of the biggest software developers worldwide. The software supports businesses and all their divisions, such as HR, finance, logistics and Sales.

Their cloud portfolio offers solutions such as SuccessFactors, Concur, Fieldglass, Hybris, etc. and makes them the leading suppliers of cloud-based business software. Together with their implementation partners, SAP is specialized in making the switch to the Cloud, as comfortable as possible. While doing so, providing secure SAP data centres is one of their key objectives.

SAP as a software company, only employs few consultants and is focused on sales. Therefore, SAP partners with companies such as HCM ADVICE, who specialize in implementation, customizing, support and enhancements to the standard software. The division of tasks between SAP and their partners ensures that customers are provided with highly competent service, to achieve the best possible results.

With SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors, they offer a great number of solutions to support all tasks of HR management. An overview of all modules is provided in the graphics below:

The left half of the graphics includes all modules of the classic On-Premise solution. For a better overview, these are sorted into categories of Workforce Processes, Talent Management and Analytics. The On-Premise modules are part of the proven SAP R/3 solution, which either run locally on company-owned hardware, or with an external Outsourcing provider.

In the bottom left corner you will find topics that also interact with modules outside from SAP HCM, such as CATS (Cross Application Time-Sheet) and General & structural authorizations. In the lower left half you will find an overview of available user interfaces, such as SAP FIORI or Employee and Manager Self Services. These interfaces provide a multitude of possibilities to give SAP a modern and user-friendly design, to further user acceptance. For example, SAP FIORI offers apps for all mobile devices, to ensure your employees and managers can work effectively – wherever they are.

The right part includes the cloud-based offers of SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Concur. Unlike On-Premise products, Cloud tools run on SAP data centres. Therefore, customers save costs for purchasing and maintenance of hardware. Furthermore, cloud tools are constantly revised and developed, so customers are regularly provided with new functions at no extra cost. As data security overall and HR data especially is an important aspect, SAP handles data with utmost care and priority in its data centers .

SAP Concur is the ideal solution for any organization looking to gain greater visibility into their business travel spending, and to save time and reduce costs. With highly advanced and user-friendly modules, such as: Request, Travel, Expense, Invoice and Analytics, SAP Concur supports employees in all stages of the business travel process. From planning, requesting and booking travel, to accessing the travel itinerary while on the go as well as processing travel expenses and generating reports and analysis; SAP Concur supports, organizes and streamlines your everyday business.

SAP History

Since 1992 and R/3, SAP offers the first software package to run without a mainframe computer. This has lead SAP to become a frontrunner in many countries worldwide. SAP Human Capital Management (SAP HCM) is a crucial part of R/3, which allows users to automatize all aspects of human resources. SAP HCM includes Payroll, Time Management, HR Master Data, Organizational Management, Travel Management and much more. Additionally, with Employee Self Service (ESS) and Manager Self Service (MSS) SAP offers tools which enable employees to complete certain tasks themselves.

In 2012 SAP bought an American company SuccessFactors, the leading provider of cloud-based talent management solutions, and has since then integrated their own services. This has established SAP as a market leader in cloud-based HR solutions. The SuccessFactors Suite includes modules such as Performance & Goals, Onboarding, Learning, provides Analytics tools and Workforce process management. As SuccessFactors is cloud-based, customers are provided with quarterly updates that include new functions or improvements of existing features, without extra maintenance. Legal changes are automatically adapted into the suite as well, to ensure customers are always up-to-date.

SAP Datacenter Security

SAP and SAP SuccessFactors attach great importance to the security of their data centers, by taking technical and physical precautions to ensure the safety of customer data.

Data centers are guarded at all times, with additional control at access locks. Biometrical scans protect sensitive areas. This ensures that only authorized staff have access. In case of a power outage, the centers have back-up batteries and diesel engines, which can operate the centers self-sufficiently. The buildings are earthquake-resistant and to prevent worst case scenarios, each data center has a locally separate back-up center, that can take over seamlessly for the primary center. Of course, each back-up center has the same security standards as the primary centers.

On a technical level, data centers have multiple firewalls that prevent unauthorized access and suspicious activities are detected by powerful monitoring systems (Intrusion Detection System / IDS). Data exchange with customers is encrypted and tap-proof, as well as all data back-ups.

SAP data centers are regularly inspected by TÜV, KPMG and internal auditors. Centers hold multiple certificates that confirm their security and resilience. The most important certification standards obtained include ISO 27001, SOC 1 / SSAE 16, SOC 2 and ISO 22301.

Within the framework of the Next Generation Cloud Delivery, most of SAP‘s applications will be based on a new platform, in order to enable a “4+1” strategy. The goal is to outsource the majority of the applications and customer workloads to one of the four hyperscalers (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud) or to a separate Cloud infrastructure from SAP (SAP Converged Cloud). Because SAP offers its entire Cloud-based SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM) Suite in the Hyperscale environment, customers can use the advantages of a powerful data platform, which provides considerable additional capacity for the execution of operative workloads.

You can find further information under:

Cloud Workforce Process

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Employee Profile

Employee Profile is a basic repository for employee master data that is delivered with every SAP SuccessFactors installation, regardless of the licensed modules. As soon as Employee Central is used, Employee Profile recedes into the background and is then only relevant from a technical point of view.

Employee Profile is the database for all SuccessFactors modules (if Employee Central is not implemented). Employee Profile is used to save and view data such as the name, department, office location, managers etc. Furthermore, information from the employee’s resume, such as the academic career, professional experience, skills and certifications can also be stored.

In addition to the standard fields in Employee Profile, you have the option to define up to 15 additional fields according to your needs.

Apart from the Master Data Management, Employee Profile also offers you a simple organizational chart and an employee directory, which you can make available to your employees via the web and mobile apps.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


Employee Central

Employee Central is a state-of-the-art HR management solution in the cloud for the digitalization of your company-wide HR processes. Employee Central supports you in significantly increasing the efficiency of your employee-related processes with comprehensive employee data management, approval workflows, self-service functions and much more.

Master data for all your employees is collected and displayed together in a user profile, where it can be viewed or modified, depending on the relevant authorizations. This means that users can maintain their own personal data themselves or request changes. A separate workflow management enables managers and HR users to easily process or approve these change requests.

Employee Central offers numerous country-specific functionalities. Using Employee Central, you can manage all HR master data in a central location, thereby avoiding double data storage and the resulting extra costs. With its many integration options, Employee Central serves both as a database for the SAP On-Premise module and for ERP and HR systems from other providers. That way all your investments keep their value.

The basic structure of the master data can simply be enhanced or adapted. Thanks to highly adaptable business logic it is possible to validate or even automatically calculate data. The options provided by this tool therefore lead to a high degree of digitization in your HR department.

Employee Central serves as a core element of the Cloud platform, all person-related data is merged centrally via interaction with the SuccessFactors modules, whereby you receive a comprehensive overview of your employees.

Thanks to the supplied People Analytics component it is possible to create detailed evaluations of the database. Analyses can contain complex pivot and statistical methods and be formatted graphically. These reports enable you to make evidence-based decisions, which ultimately has a positive impact on the success of your business.

Employee Central’s intuitive user interface is especially impressive, reducing error rates and significantly raising acceptability among both power users and occasional users.

Like all other SuccessFactors modules, Employee Central is available both via the browser as well as via the SuccessFactors App for smartphones. This means that your employees and your managers can access SuccessFactors from any place, at any time, for example to change data, or request vacation leave. This represents a significant relief in the daily working routine, not only for the HR department, but also for all employees.

With our predefined HCM ADVICE Employee Central best practice template, we ensure efficient and rapid implementation.

If you already use SuccessFactors Employee Central, we recommend our app SIMPLERIX org*management. With this app the time required for master data handling is significantly reduced thanks to the efficient management of departments and positions. Please feel free to contact us, without obligation, to receive more detailed information.


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Employee Central Time Tracking

Nowadays, a modern and simple solution for time recording is essential for today’s global, often decentralized workforce and is even expected by many employees. Factors such as: Accuracy, simplicity, and flexibility in time tracking have a major impact on the motivation and productivity of your employees.

With the local and internationally usable SuccessFactors Time Tracking solution, you receive exactly this: A simple yet comprehensive time management system that meets the expectations of the modern workforce. The system allows your employees to enter, check, and update their working hours from anywhere and on any device. Your employees simply enter the working hours into the system, which already knows which working time regulation is valid for the employee. With predefined approval workflows for any time compensation, employees can be confident that they will be paid on time and correctly, and can focus on their work. Furthermore, your managers receive an accurate overview of the working hours of their teams.

Advantages of SuccessFactors Time Tracking at a glance:

  • Access at any time, from anywhere, and on any device
  • Simplified and intuitive role-specific time entry for employees
  • Digital time stamp clock for entering comings and goings, with optional GPS location and multi-lingual support
  • Connection to physical terminals for entering time stamps
  • Modern, in-time calculation of working hours
  • Billing according to legal requirements and individual company requirements
  • Transparent workflows for time recording and time compensation
  • Improved employee experience
  • Control of working hours and minimization of compliance risks
  • Flexibility for employees, managers, and administrators
  • Accurate and on-time payment with a clear overview of working hours
  • Streamlining of time management for higher overall productivity

Contact us, simply and without obligation, for more detailed information.


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Employee Central Payroll

With Employee Central Payroll, SAP offers the globally proven SAP Payroll as software-as-a-service in the Cloud. SAP combines the reliability of the most well-known payroll solution with the user-friendliness of a cloud solution, thus offering customers the best of both worlds.

It allows you to do your payroll in more than 40 different countries, in accordance with local regulations and laws. Your payroll specialists use the Payroll Control Center to run payroll, which enables monthly payroll to run entirely via the browser, while your employees receive their wage slips as a self-service directly in Employee Central or in the SuccessFactors app, where they can be viewed at any time.

Customers with Payroll in SAP On-Premise will profit from their employees’ experience with the on-premise Payroll module, even after switching to a cloud-based environment. During the technical conversion from the SAP On-Premise Payroll to the SAP Employee Central Payroll in the Cloud existing customizing settings can largely be re-used, thereby protecting your previously made investments.

It is also possible to connect your existing On-Premise Payroll with Employee Central, so that your master data is managed in SuccessFactors, but payroll still takes place on your local servers.

We at HCM ADVICE are happy to support you with creating and implementing your Payroll in the Cloud to find the optimal solution for your company.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


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Employee Central Service Center

SAP Employee Central Service Center is an advanced tool for your internal HR Shared Service Center. It serves as the central point of contact for all employees with HR-related questions. Employees can access the Service Center from anywhere in SuccessFactors. It offers contextually prepared information to answer most questions by resorting directly to your company’s knowledge base.

If your employees don’t find the answer in the Service Center’s knowledge base, they can create tickets which are then forwarded to the relevant department. Employees can trace their tickets and are notified as soon as their ticket’s status has changed.

Furthermore, your employees can start a discussion with a personnel administrator directly via the Service Center, to receive uncomplicated and efficient help.

For HR service representatives the Employee Central Service Center provides extensive functions for solving tickets efficiently and quickly. For example, an overview of similar tickets in the system, numerous mail templates and checklists, ensuring that an employee is getting the level of support needed.

The Employee Central Service Center features an intuitive user interface, making it as easy as possible for your employees to contact the relevant specialist department and and furthering satisfaction within the workforce.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


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Cloud Talent Management

Do you have any questions, or want to inquire about something specifically? We look forward to hearing from you:

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SuccessFactors Recruiting provides your company with a tool which optimally supports all steps in the recruiting process. You can create requirement profiles for open positions, structure the application process accordingly, create actual job offers and post them directly from SuccessFactors to job platforms, get your applications from different sources (social media, staff consultants, online applications, …) and manage job interviews with your integrated Outlook calendar.

SuccessFactors Recruiting offers more than just application management, using its patented methodology to ensure that you reach the right candidate at the right time and with the right message. That way you build long-term relationships with interesting candidates and can always resort to an applicant pool to fill open positions.

Using state-of-the-art technology, the integrated marketing platform allows for employer branding to attract talented candidates to your company.  That way you also capture the interest of passive candidates and attract them to your company and can plan extensive recruitment campaigns to attract new talents.

Using comprehensive assessments, you can at all times monitor which channels and strategies yield the best results and thus optimally use your recruiting budget.

If you already use SuccessFactors Recruiting, we recommend our app SIMPLERIX quick*apply. With this app you can bring top talents to your company with quick and easy applications with just one click of the mouse. Contact us, simply and without obligation, for more detailed information.


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In the modern working world, staff retention and the planning of efficient staff assignments start before the actual hiring. It is crucial to begin integrating new employees before they even start. The SAP SuccessFactors module Onboarding supports you in this process, providing you with all the tools necessary.

SuccessFactors Onboarding allows you to implement an ongoing onboarding process, including your HR department, the managers in charge and the new employee. Already before starting work, your new employee can access relevant information and establish contact with your company’s key figures. That way a major part of the formalities and the paperwork can be completed before the new employee starts work and he/she can introduce him/herself to his/her colleagues, which makes the whole process of joining a new company easier. When starting work, all necessary tools are already available for the employee having attended many onboarding workshops and his/her enrollment plan (possibly integrated with Learning) has already been determined.

This enables employees to start more quickly and identify with the company’s goals (possibly integrated with Performance & Goals). Using Onboarding, you can avoid employees suddenly changing their minds, shortly before or after they start work. In addition, rapid deployment of new staff saves you a lot of money.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


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Learning Management Solutions


SuccessFactors Learning allows you to continue to train your employees and manage all trainings in one central location. You can create online trainings, face-to-face trainings or blended learning trainings and either offer them in the online catalogs or automatically assign them to employees.

After a training, you have the option of administering tests. If they pass, employees can directly print their certificates. Training participants get to fill out evaluations, providing you with a good overview of your trainings so that you can quickly see what needs to change or be improved.

Using curricula and programs you create more comprehensive trainings, assigning them to your employees to make them familiar with more complex topics.

Using their own interfaces trainers can keep attendance in their courses and also make comments about individual participants.

Managers can assign necessary courses to their employees and can view and also evaluate training data.

Besides your employees, you can also add external users, such as your customers or partners, to SuccessFactors Learning and have them attend special trainings (for new products, uses of marketing materials, etc.).

If you are using Performance & Goals or Career Development Planning, you can create an interface between your employees’ defined development goals and trainings in SuccessFactors Learning.

If you are also using Work Zone, you company will get a high added value as Work Zone allows us to support social learning. Course participants get invited to specific Work Zone groups, where they can talk about the course and get extra materials.

With SAP Learning Marketplace, SAP combines the features of SuccessFactors Learning and Hybris, its leading e-commerce platform, and thus allows you to offer your trainings through a web shop. That way you can make product or safety trainings available to your customers and partners and also, by selling trainings, increase company sales. Using SAP Hybris, SAP Learning Marketplace supports all standard methods of payment and also allows for the management of discounts and vouchers.

The implementation is fast and uncomplicated with our own ADVICE SF Learning Template. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


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Litmos offers the worldwide user-friendliest LMS (Litmos Training), which is equipped with a course library (Litmos Training Content) of more than 2500 specialized courses for various stakeholders.

The system allows you to design and export interactive training in the form of SCORM courses in Litmos. The content can be created interactively to keep the interest and concentration of the employees while reading or watching. Various question and answer options are available for the tests. In addition to the standard options, the uploading of documents and videos by employees is also included. Employees can also create and upload their own content, but this needs to be approved by the admins before it is published to all other employees.

Litmos is the right choice for your company if you do not want to invest in the complete SAP SuccessFactors suite. For companies that already have the SuccessFactors suite, Litmos is also suitable thanks to its partial integration. Litmos differs from SuccessFactors Learning due to its faster implementation, which can take just one month, compared to several months.
When Litmos was first introduced to the market, the developers‘ vision was to create an LMS that was “quick to configure, easy in administration and entertaining“. Litmos satisfies all these criteria.

Litmos is:

  • Quick to configure because the installation process has been optimized and the integration with other solutions is simplified by numerous connectors and API options. This enables the average implementation time of just one month
  • Easy in administration thanks to the automatic onboarding function: Litmos provides online training courses that can be assigned to new employees to support their independent onboarding. Adaptations to the system are also quick to make thanks to user questionnaires. 70% of the product functions originate from queries from the community
  • Entertaining because there are leader boards, achievements and badges, which promote the employees‘ self-motivation. The contents can be designed to be interactive and entertaining

Litmos is also available as a mobile app, which enables your employees to take training courses on different devices (including offline). Contact us, easily and without obligation, for more information.


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With SAP Work Zone you can increase the productivity throughout your company with centralized access to all important business tools, apps, and data. For your employees this means: it will become easier to work independently.

More efficient workflows are possible thanks to the option of configuring personal work areas and work areas for teams and projects. Step-by-step instructions for the fast identification of the right experts in the company, or quickly finding information, make it possible to complete complex tasks without having to call on external support. Employees can use the chat and share functions to communicate on their own terms and share important information and experiences.

As a communication platform, Work Zone supports you in comprehensive processes such as in recruiting and onboarding. Processes are simplified and new employees are integrated into the company more quickly through joint exchange and transfer of experience. In the context of training courses, the cooperation of the participants is strengthened and the definition of tasks by teachers simplified.

Contact us, without obligation, to receive more detailed information.


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Performance & Goals

SuccessFactors Performance & Goals helps you make your company a success by increasing your employees’ commitment, productivity and efficiency.

SuccessFactors allows you to align your employees’ goals with those of your company and to create a culture that encourages ongoing and objective evaluations.

SuccessFactors Goal Management supports you in defining company goals and cascading them to individual employees. In this way employees get a better understanding of how their work affects the company as a whole. As a result, they identify with the company more strongly, which directly affects their motivation.

For defining their goals, managers can make use of a comprehensive goal library created according to SMART criteria (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely). Managers can create their own goals as well, supported by the SMART wizard to make sure they fulfil all SMART criteria.

Monitoring your goals via dashboards and evaluations allows you to take timely measures if goal achievement is jeopardised.

You can create interfaces between defined goals and trainings in SuccessFactors Learning to support your employees in achieving their goals.

SuccessFactors Performance Management provides you with modern tools for ongoing evaluation. Ongoing feedback lets your employees know where they stand and how they can improve.


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Meetings with employees are supported by workflows with the people involved submitting evaluations. Scheduling and having personal meetings is also supported by Performance & Goals. This happens via prepared text modules, an immediate scan checking the suitability of your own texts and an easy user interface allowing you to make entries directly into the system while the meeting is still in progress.

To avoid inconsistencies when it comes to different superiors’ evaluations, Performance & Goals provides an effective calibration tool allowing you to compare different evaluations and make them more objective. You can use various matrices to view the classification of your employees as low and high performers and potentials. Furthermore, you can determine the probability of your employees leaving the company, and the effects this would have.

Performance Management also offers an evaluation of employees‘ competencies for performance reviews. You define the competencies yourself, which means SAP SuccessFactors an option for evaluating role-specific or company-wide competencies. Performance Management thereby enables an evaluation of the employee beyond the boundaries of goal achievement, and illustrates how employees have integrated themselves into both their current position and the company overall.

If you also use Compensation Management and Variable Pay, you can make premium payments conditional upon goal achievement, promoting a success-oriented corporate culture.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

360-Degree Feedback

360-degree-feedback is a valuable complement to traditional feedback processes via personal meetings. While traditional feedback processes often only reflect the views of the employee’s direct manager, 360-degree feedback involves everyone who is in contact with the employee being evaluated. This includes superiors and colleagues but also suppliers, partners and customers. The opportunity to give anonymous feedback also promotes openness between the people carrying out the evaluation.

These different perspectives can give you and your employees a better, more comprehensive view, which can then be used for defining goals and creating trainings.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


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Compensation management and Variable Pay

In nearly all companies, employee salaries are major cost items. In addition, the compensation process is often challenging for human resource development or HR controlling.

Using SuccessFactors Compensation Management and Variable Pay you ensure that these expenses optimally affect your company.

Via an intuitive user interface, you control your employees‘ base salary and all variable salary components in Compensation Management and, with Variable Pay, you can implement various compensation packages such as bonus payments or share packages. You can automatically calculate base salary increases depending on various factors such as performance evaluation, awards, rank or pay grade, and release these on a workflow-related basis. Even global compensation programs can be simply implemented with Compensation Management and Variable Pay.

Pay your employees according to their performance, thus motivating everyone to perform at their highest level. SuccessFactors Compensation Management and Variable Pay offers the fully automatic integration of the achievement of targets in Performance & Goals and, with the help of various evaluations, visual presentations and comparisons, you can make decisions on variable salary components objectively and based on facts.

Ongoing bonus models can be adapted to company success facilitating accessible bonus reports for your managers and employees. That way calculations get easier for everyone involved.

Gain transparency and control over costs and ensure that the compensation budget is met, thanks to integrated checks.

Via standardized interfaces this data can be automatically integrated into your payroll accounting system (SAP HCM Payroll, SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll) or the accounting systems of other providers.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


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Career Development Planning

Your company’s greatest talents will always strive to advance their careers. Via SuccessFactors Career Development Planning you can encourage your employees to realize their full potential, displaying career paths they could take.

Based on their competencies employees can determine suitable positions and figure out which competencies they still need to develop for the next step in their career.

You create development goals for your employees integrating company needs and employee preferences to ensure optimal further development. Apart from the goals they co-defined with their manager, employees can also set their own goals, supposed to facilitate employees’ reaching their overall career goals. The defined goals can be linked to courses in SuccessFactors Learning so that your employees can take concrete steps towards reaching their goals.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

Succession Planning

Due to demographic changes, it is becoming increasingly difficult to have employees with the right qualifications available at the right moment. SuccessFactors Succession Planning supports you in promoting and developing employee potential in a targeted way so as to prevent shortages in qualified employees.

Via Succession Planning you determine the qualifications necessary for key positions in your company, search for suitable internal successors and promote suitable candidates to prepare them for the new tasks. You add suitable employees to talent pools and then promote them with special offers to optimally develop your future executives.

The career paths and positions requirements defined in Career Development Planning allow you to optimize your succession management. With your employees you figure out a plan paving their way to the position they desire.

Via a special successions organization chart you can view all developments along the organizational structure at all times.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


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SAP Concur, as part of SAP Intelligent Spend Management, can make your business smarter! It offers integrated solutions for your expense management and typically pays for itself within a short period of time by increasing efficiency, reducing costs and enhancing profitability. With the cloud-based, modern mobile modules, such as: Request, Travel, Expense, Analytics as well as the mobile app, SAP Concur supports your employees in every step of their business travel – from planning, travel requests, bookings and supporting employees during the trip, to travel expense reports, as well as the reporting and analytics. SAP Concur also helps you manage any other expenses of your employees.

The simple and straightforward interface makes the system particularly user-friendly, allowing your employees to work more quickly and efficiently so they can concentrate on their core tasks. Travel expense reports can be easily processed without errors, receipts are automatically captured when a booking is made, and additional receipts can be added and saved directly to the system by simply taking a photograph with a mobile phone. The invoice process is streamlined, so data analysis and reports can be easily and intuitively generated.

SAP Concur is a modular solution, meaning you can choose to implement individual elements of the complete solution and combine them flexibly, depending on your organization’s priorities and needs.

Other benefits of SAP Concur solutions include:

  • An overview of all business travel expenses
  • Massive time savings
  • Cost reduction

The following image gives you an overview of the most important modules and products:

You are interested in digital and intelligent expense and travel management in only 6 weeks? We have prepared an attractive introductory package for your SME.

To download our product brochure, please click here:

You would like more detailed information? Contact us without obligation today!

SAP Concur® Request

Concur Request is a must for any organization that wants to take control over its business travel spending and eliminate unnecessary expense – before it’s incurred!

This module is essentially your travel agency and online booking tool. It automates the entire request and approval process and helps you get an overview of travel costs, cash advances and expenses before the trip is booked. As the approver, you can compare the costs with the available budget and make strategic decisions or approve the trip.

Concur Request can be customized according to your internal approval processes and can help ensure compliance with your company’s policies. This solution significantly speeds up approval processes by replacing all manual or email requests with a single system. With Concur Request, managers can also review and approve travel requests on the go via their mobile devices.

The travel planning process is directly linked to business travel agencies’ software through the integration of Concur Request. This allows employees to plan complex trips in advance and the travel agency to optimize them. The employee can select the best option from several travel proposals from the business travel agency. The booked itinerary is then always available on the employee’s mobile device.

All planned and actual expenses can be easily monitored when combined with Concur® Expense. Discrepancies are quickly identified by comparing travel data with invoices and credit card changes.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

SAP Concur® Travel

Concur Travel makes booking and travel planning easy.

The online booking tool allows you to quickly and easily book business travel through a simple, easy-to-use interface. With this solution, you and your employees can avoid the long and arduous process of finding the right flight, hotel or rental car and simply book your travel through a convenient portal which ensures compliance with company’s travel policies. The platform enables you to directly compare offers, e.g. flight and train, so that you can quickly find the perfect offer. This saves time and allows you to transparently monitor your travel expenses.

Concur Travel means flexibility. With the mobile app, you can access the platform at any time and easily make bookings using your smartphone or tablet. Concur Travel gives you live status updates on any services booked (flights, gate changes, etc.) and because all the information is stored in one central location, you have complete visibility into your travel and expense reports.

Contact us if you are interested and learn more about the system in the following video:


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SAP Concur® Expense

Expense reporting made easy with Concur Expense!

This module automates the time-consuming expense claims procedure, significantly speeding up the processing of claims and eliminating costly errors. Consolidate all your business and other expenses into one single, cloud-based system – accessible whenever and wherever you are online. With Concur Expense you get full transparency and detailed insight into every transaction made during the entire business trip. Concur Expense also helps you to better plan your budget and ensure compliance with corporate regulations.

Concur Expense is simple and intuitive to use, reducing manual data entry to an absolute minimum. With the mobile app, expenses can be tracked while traveling. Receipts can be simply photographed and assigned to the respective trip – anytime, conveniently, and easily. The HR department as well as managers can quickly access, review and approve employees’ requests on their mobile phones while on the go.

Travel expense reporting has never been easier – from approval, to reimbursement, to reporting. The system can also be seamlessly integrated with other ERP, HR and accounting systems.

Contact us if you are interested and learn more about the system in the following video:


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Cloud People Analytics

Every day modern corporate software generates huge amounts of data that can serve as the basis for complex evaluations. Interpreting the data and making it usable can be very difficult. Many decisions are still made on the basis of intuition and guesswork, as factually sound evaluations take too long.

This changes fundamentally with People Analytics – you get the possibility of quickly evaluating your data status and creating evaluations yourself in a simple way.

People Analytics is an umbrella term for various solutions for the evaluation of your data and the design of visually appealing reports. It differentiates between four different cloud solutions, which are used in various areas. Two of these solutions use the SAP product SAP Analytics Cloud.

SuccessFactors Reporting
The Report Center is included in the license for the SuccessFactors Cloud Platform and you can use this to create analyses with data from all of your active SuccessFactors modules. Pivot and statistical methods, as well as calculated fields, enable the creation of complex reports using data from multiple sources. The tool is particularly easy to use: the creation and adaptation of reports is intuitive. Furthermore, there is a great number of predefined reports to satisfy your requirements.
You can use Story Reports to create visually appealing reports, which can immediately be shown to departments or managers upon access. With SuccessFactors Reporting you receive a more comprehensive view of your company and can make long-term decisions based on evidence.

SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics
This tool takes on many functions of a business warehouse. It is based on a multidimensional data cube that contains all your company’s relevant information, which can be linked and evaluated in all conceivable ways.
You get extensive possibilities to create advanced evaluations in a simple way: You can use Drag&Drop to put different data in relation to each other and, when you have the necessary overview of an area, you can jump directly to detailed analyses using drill-down techniques in order to analyze critical areas more thoroughly. There are also more than 2000 predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) available with which you can receive a quick overview of the status of your company.

SAP Enterprise Analytics (Analytics Cloud for Enterprise)
The SAP Analytics Cloud is a sophisticated Business Intelligence solution that enables you to carry out decisive analyses about the state of your company. In addition to HR and financial data, you can analyze all kinds of areas of your company using this tool – and a wide range of external data sources can be connected. Comprehensive visualizations of this data allow you to gain exceptional insights into your business. With predefined analytics that you can easily tailor to your needs, you can take advantage of the full scope of this tool as quickly as possible and make decisions based on the insights you gain. Predictive analysis, supported by artificial intelligence, helps you to identify trends and make predictions.

SAP Workforce Planning (Analytics Cloud for Planning)
SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning is a company-wide solution for merging analysis and planning processes. The personnel planning process is elevated to a new level, thanks to the integration of heterogeneous data sources and also the unification of analysis and planning functions in one solution in the Cloud. We will support you with standard and best practice templates for strategic and operative personnel planning at varying organizational levels, which emphasize the cooperative character of a planning process.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


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Cloud Integration

With SuccessFactors Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll it is possible to map human resources as an entirely independent system in the Cloud. However, many companies have already invested considerable sums of money in existing on-premise solutions from SAP or other providers, and wish to continue to use these. For you to protect these investments and use them with SAP SuccessFactors, SAP offers numerous options to integrate them with SAP systems and also solutions from other providers.

The simplest integration option is the use of SAP Integration Suite. This enables the direct addressing and management of APIs. Furthermore, with Integration Suite it is possible to fall back on the use of special middleware (corresponding to a data hub), such as SAP Cloud Integration (previously Cloud Platform Integration, SAP CPI). This enables a deeper integration with SuccessFactors, which can be implemented either via file transfer or via web services.  Using middleware enables integration in real time, while with an integration via data transfer, data needs to be synchronized cyclically. For both options SAP offers numerous prefabricated solutions as well as Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS), which can be easily integrated into already existing systems. Using modern web standards and open file formats for both integration variants allows the integration of both SAP systems and systems from other providers with SAP cloud solutions. In addition to the SAP Integration Suite, SAP Process Orchestration (SAP PO) or Dell Boomi offer corresponding alternatives for integration setup.

In a hybrid environment where one system is responsible for central data storage and management (usually your on-premise system), reliable integration and data synchronizing are crucial. We at HCM ADVICE are happy to support you with the implementation of your integration project, assisting you at any stage of your project. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.



Workforce Process

Do you have any questions, or want to inquire about something specifically? We look forward to hearing from you:

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Contact Consultant


SAP Organizational Management facilitates producing, collecting and managing all data pertaining to the organizational structure in a single, centralized location. Other modules use this database for numerous functions, such as defining workflows, assigning roles and permissions in the organization or assigning superiors. SAP Organizational Management prevents redundant data storage in other SAP modules’ organizational charts.

In SAP Organizational Management, you manage your organizational units, positions and people, assign management positions and transfer persons from one organizational unit to another.

In SAP Organizational Management, for planning and optimizing further restructuring, you can create and analyze various notional organizational structures in addition to the actual organizational structure.

Integrating SAP Organizational Management with SAP SuccessFactors allows you to provide your employees with a graphic of the organizational structure.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


SAP HR Master Data management allows you to collect all relevant HR data in a centralized location and provide it to other modules. You complete all HR related workflows, such as an employee’s marriage or salary adjustments, and analyze the data according to your specific needs.

International companies will benefit from the many country-specific versions provided by SAP, which allow them to maintain data relating to a country’s legal provisions in the designated data fields.

With HR master data management, you can manage your international employees and expats as well as staff deployment activities. The integration with payroll ensures that you run expatriate payrolls correctly and prevents the double counting of taxes and other duties.

Integrating HR Master Data management with SAP Employee Self Services (SAP ESS) or SAP FIORI launchpad allows you to delegate various HR administration tasks, such as address changes, directly to your employees, unburdening your HR department.

In addition to the classic SAP HR Master Data management, SAP also offers the SuccesFactors module Employee Central, which is completely cloud-based, for the digitalization of the many structures and processes in the HR department or international HR department (either alternatively or supplementary).

SAP SuccessFactors allows you to make master data available to your employees so that they can view and analyze it. You also have the option of selecting which data should be available according to the employee’s positions. Being able to access data at all times, employees and especially managers can thus make better decisions.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


Future cost planning is an essential element of every successful company. Budget drafts at all levels of the company are necessary to be well prepared for the coming periods and to be alerted in time if planning is too far removed from reality.

SAP HR Cost Planning allows you to manage your personnel costs and simulate these for future months. It takes into account various factors, including the planned compensation for planned items, past and simulated payroll results (incl. tax or social security costs), but also planned pay scale reclassifications.

You therefore have constant access to an extensive overview of the actual situation in your company, and can compare this with various fictitious scenarios. This enables you to quantify optimization potential and prepare in advance for company restructuring and the accompanying cost changes this will bring about, as well as make appropriate decisions.

The results of HR Cost Planning can be transferred into other important SAP modules, such as Financial Accounting, Controlling and the SAP Business Warehouse.

For easy implementation of SAP HR Cost Planning, we at HCM ADVICE have created a template, allowing us to implement efficient HR cost planning with a web-based planning interface in your company.

As a cloud-based alternative to HR Cost Planning, SAP offers the SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning (SAC for Planning), which can be integrated in your SAP HCM system via standardized interfaces.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


SAP Shift Planning enables your company to carry out work scheduling that takes into account your employees’ qualifications (SAP Qualification Management). In addition, you can manage on-call duty arrangements and assign employees to specific task forces and working groups, such as relieve and repair crews.

SAP Shift Planning allows you to both analyze, manage and optimize current workforce deployment and monitor as well as simulate future HR needs so that you are well prepared to react to changes. You can both analyze existing qualifications revealing your employees’ hidden potential and point out in time that additional qualifications need to be obtained, either through further trainings (SAP Learning Solution, SuccessFactors Learning) or recruiting (SAP Recruiting, SuccessFactors Recruiting).

If shift planning is integrated in SAP Employee Self Services (SAP ESS), your employees can view their current schedules and request changes based on their personal availability and preferences, which will then be sent to the responsible manager for approval. Eliminating the need for many time-consuming interviews and discussions, this automatism greatly unburdens managers and shift leaders.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


SAP Time Management includes all the functions your company needs to record and analyze working time. In addition, you can manage employee attendances and absences and make the data available to other modules, especially SAP Payroll.

SAP Time Management supports both positive (recording all attendances and absences) and negative (recording deviations from the work schedule) time management and enables you to create shift schedules based on your specific needs and according to legal regulations. Your employees have many options for recording their times, such as standardized integration in terminal systems, SAP Employee Self Services (SAP ESS) and SAP Cross Application Time Sheet (SAP CATS) or SAP FIORI apps on the smartphone. SAP Time Evaluation automatically generates increases and reductions, making all relevant data directly available to SAP Payroll and other modules.

In SAP Time Management, you can create different absence and attendance types for your employees, such as vacation or professional development time, and automatically assign them to eligible employees. Employees can enter their leave requests directly into the system (or using SAP ESS or mobile SAP FIORI apps) and send these to their superiors for approval.

Integration into SAP ESS means that your employees have the option of independently viewing their time statements or entering the afore-mentioned leave requests.

As a time management system in the Cloud, SAP offers the SuccessFactors Time Tracking module. This can be seamlessly integrated into both the SuccessFactors Employee Central module and Employee Central Payroll in SAP HCM.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


One of the most important parts of human resources is the payroll department. Because of the many legal regulations and various special cases occurring among employees, payroll can be very complex.

Combined with other HR modules, SAP Payroll enables you to efficiently manage all payroll-related tasks. Already its standard version allows you to take care of nearly all your company’s requirements, such as off-cycle payroll, analyzing time data, seizures or year-end jobs in a highly automated manner. HCM ADVICE can adapt these standard solutions to your specific requirements enabling you to view and manage any conceivable payroll scenario.

SAP Payroll is available in many country-specific versions, which include local legal regulations and are adapted to legal changes yearly. This keeps you up-to-date on legislation, ensuring correct payroll accounting.

Integration with HR Master Data ensures that it is smoothly integrated into your calculations. When, for example, a child is born, the correct allowances are generated automatically, without the need for manual HR intervention.

Integration with Time Management means that you can run payroll for your employees, accurate to the hour and including hours, allowances, absences, and periods of sickness.

SAP Payroll is also integrated with Finance Management, allowing for seamless payment processing.

If your company uses SuccessFactors Employee Central, SAP Employee Self Services (SAP ESS) or SAP FIORI, you can use these options to directly provide your employees with their wage slips and also provide insight into other important information.

Ongoing payroll data storage ensures high data quality. In case revisions are necessary, the needed data is readily available at all times.

The Payroll Control Center (SAP PCC) allows you to manage SAP Payroll via an innovative web interface supporting you with initial data integrity checks, workflow-oriented payroll graphs and many other tools. PCC allows you to manage payroll both via your On-Premise SAP HCM and as cloud-based service in data centers hosted by SAP. Integration with SuccessFactors Employee Central and the Payroll Control Center means that you can manage payroll directly in SucccessFactors and administer all payroll data in the Employee Central.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


The SAP Incentive Wages component enables you to pay your employees based on their performance. SAP supports the following forms of payment: time wage (employees are paid on the basis of the time they have worked), premium wage (a performance-related, variable premium is added to the standard wage), and piecework wage (employees are paid for each unit produced or action performed). Incentive wages can be used for both individual employees and groups, for example a production line.

In order to collect the data needed for calculating the incentive wage, it is necessary to create an interface between the SAP Logistic module and the PDC (Plant Data Collection) terminals.

SAP Incentive Wages is integrated into the SAP Payroll and SAP Time Management components, which can use Incentive Wages data to determine various balances and employee payments.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

HRForms by Adobe

HRForms by Adobe is the next generation of SAP Smart Forms and SAPscript. The new PDF-based print forms can be easily combined with the SAP Netweaver technology platform, thanks to decades of intensive cooperation between SAP and Adobe. With this new technology, HRForms by Adobe enables the simplest structuring method for data output or entry to date, with a layout that is both clear and easy to understand.

Regardless of whether it is a remuneration statement or a time sheet, HRForms, with extensive, advanced, and complex new features (e.g. enhanced layout options or support of script languages) always offers the option of creating an attractive and modern-looking form, compared with the old alternative, which also meets your technical requirements at the same time.

The use of PDF forms in electronic business processes in the SAP environment has opened up unimagined scalability and integration possibilities due to the widespread use of Adobe Reader. Using Adobe Reader, an e-mail program, and/or a web browser, a created HRForm can be easily opened, edited, and redistributed at any time.

For years HCM ADVICE has specialized in the introduction, adaptation, and enhancement of customer-specific remuneration statements and time sheets. With our knowledge and experience in both Adobe LiveCycle Designer and the SAP environment, we will be happy to help you design the remuneration statement completely according to your needs, from functionality to layout. Contact us simply and without obligation for more information.

Below you will find an example:

Talent Management

Here we would like to present you with the traditional SAP On-Premise (meaning that the system uses owned or rented hardware) Talent Management solutions, such as E-Recruiting, Qualification Management or Performance Management. You can find out more about SAP’s world leading cloud-based SAP Talent Management solutions under Cloud Workforce Process, Cloud Talent Management and Cloud People Analytics.

Do you have any questions, or want to inquire about something specifically? We look forward to hearing from you:

Contact Consultant
Contact Consultant


SAP E-Recruiting is a module of SAP HCM On-Premise Suite that is currently being phased out. SAP E-Recruiting offers your company all the tools necessary for selecting, placing, developing, and retaining new employees. Entirely web-based, E-Recruiting can be accessed at any time.

SAP E-Recruiting allows you to manage applications, keep in touch with candidates and build talent pools from which to choose possible employees. Talent pools also ensure that potential successors for key positions are available, thus helping to keep your company running smoothly.

SAP E-Recruiting offers you an online job portal, which you can integrate into your homepage to facilitate future employees’ application process. Application data is transferred to SAP and made available to those responsible. They can automatically screen applications and use the tool to directly contact suitable applicants.

If your company is also using SAP Organizational Management, vacant positions listed there can be directly added to the recruiting process.

When an applicant is hired, the integration with the SAP HR Administration allows you to add applicant data directly to Employee Master Data Management, without the need for entering the same data twice.

If your company is using SAP Employee Self Services, you can make an in-house internal application portal available to your employees where they can apply for positions and view their application’s status at all times.

SAP E-Recruiting is based on traditional SAP Recruiting which is similar in scope but not web-based. HCM ADVICE also provides support for all questions related to traditional SAP Recruiting.

SAP E-Recruiting will no longer actively be further developed by SAP. SAP offers the comprehensive Recruiting solution from SAP SuccessFactors, which is provided completely in the Cloud and can be integrated into your SAP HCM On-Premise or Cloud systems via standard interfaces.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


The SAP Learning Solution (SAP LSO) is a module of SAP HCM On-Premise Suite that is currently being phased out. While the module is currently still in maintenance by SAP, the LSO will no longer actively be further developed. SAP offers two modern alternatives for the successful management of your company-wide advance training in its portfolio. On one hand, SuccessFactors Learning, which is part of the SuccessFactors HXM Suite and, on the other hand, SAP Litmos, which, with its short implementation time and integrated authoring tools, is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized companies.

Today professional development and employees’ life-long learning are key to a company’s success. To meet these challenges, SAP offers the Learning Solution component providing support with any tasks related to learning management.

SAP Learning Solution (SAP LSO) is based on SAP Event Management but also offers online trainings and e-learning, in addition to face-to-face trainings.

SAP Learning Solution offers a learning management system to create and manage trainings, a content management system to store and manage learning content and tests and a learning portal allowing your employees to access all contents. On the learning portal, employees can search the trainings that are being offered and register for them.

If your company uses SAP Employee Self Services, it can be seamlessly integrated with the learning portal.

Via integration with the SAP Qualification Management, employees can compare their qualifications with those of the positions being offered and thus choose and register for relevant trainings.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


SAP Succession Planning is a module of SAP HCM On-Premise Suite that is currently being phased out. SAP Succession Planning allows you to create job profiles and succession plans, ensuring that critical key positions can be staffed at all times.

Succession Planning is based on the concept of jobs and positions and only realizes its added value in combination with SAP Organizational Management, which it complements. If new positions are created in Organizational Management, Succession Planning facilitates a timely response, thus ensuring that you find the ideal candidate. In case you cannot find a suitable internal candidate, you can use SAP E-Recruiting or SuccessFactors Recruiting to find external candidates.

Via integration with SAP Qualification Management, you can match positions with potential successors in regard to qualification requirements and profiles and assign employees to trainings in SAP Learning Solution in order for them to develop the necessary qualifications in time.

SAP Succession Planning will no longer actively be further developed by SAP. SAP offers the extensive Succession solution from SuccessFactors, which is provided completely in the Cloud and can be integrated into your SAP HCM On-Premise or Cloud systems via standard interfaces.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


SAP Qualification Management facilitates creating and managing a qualifications catalog suitable for your company. Individual qualifications can be fine-tuned by means of proficiency scales, thus allowing you to define specific levels of mastery.

Qualifications Management allows you to look for employees with specific qualifications, compare different employees and thus find the ideal candidate for a specific task.

The Qualifications catalog can be integrated into other SAP HCM components, for example:

  • After creating qualification profiles in Organizational Management, you can then match them with employees’ qualifications or search for a suitable candidate for the position.
  • Via trainings in Learning Solution, newly acquired qualifications can automatically be assigned to employees.
  • In SuccessFactors Learning, you can also use an integration scenario to transfer newly acquired qualifications into your SAP HCM On-Premise solution for further use.
  • In Shift Planning, you can use qualifications to assign employees task or shifts that match their qualifications.
  • In E-Recruiting, you can evaluate candidates based on the qualifications required for the position to be filled.
  • And much more …

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


SAP Compensation Management is a module of SAP HCM On-Premise Suite that is currently being phased out. SAP Compensation Management allows you to plan and manage your compensation strategy, thus staying ahead of the competition when it comes to finding the best employees.

In combination with SAP Organizational Management, SAP Compensation Management allows you create budgets for your organizational units; those responsible can then make payments to employees.

Compensation Management allows you to analyze your compensation strategy and compare it with external benchmark data to make sure that you stay ahead of the competition.

In addition, Compensation Management allows you to manage employee participation and to assign dividends either manually or automatically.

Via the integration with HR Master Data, payments are directly transferred from an employee’s compensation plan and automatically taken into account by Payroll.

SAP Employee Self Services makes it possible for your employees to independently view their compensation plans. In addition, employees can choose possible participation options according to criteria defined by themselves.

SAP Compensation Management will no longer actively be further developed by SAP. With the Compensation Management and Variable Pay module, SAP offers an extensive solution from SuccessFactors, which is provided completely in the Cloud and can be integrated into your SAP HCM On-Premise or Cloud systems via standard interfaces.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


SAP Performance Management is a module of SAP HCM On-Premise Suite that is currently being phased out. SAP Performance Management allows you to define company goals and cascade them to specific organizational units and employees. By implementing a transparent goal management process that aligns your employees with company goals, you are promoting the long-term success of your company.

Managers can evaluate employees and their goal achievement as well as set goals for future periods, thus promoting your employees’ further development. If you are also using SAP Learning Solution, you can plan trainings supporting employees in achieving their goals.

Based on goal achievement, employees can be paid based on their performance using Compensation Management, for example, they can be paid a bonus that is then directly taken into account by Payroll.

SAP Performance Management makes different kinds of evaluations available, such as self-evaluations, peer evaluations and 360-degree assessments. These evaluations are also taken into account when it comes to the regular employee evaluations.

SAP Performance Management will no longer actively be further developed by SAP. SAP offers the powerful SuccessFactors Performance & Goals, which is provided completely in the Cloud and can be integrated into your SAP HCM On-Premise or Cloud systems via standard interfaces.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


Today corporate travel is part of most companies’ daily business. Since business trips can be expensive, companies strive to minimize travel expenses, especially in economically strained times. SAP’s comprehensive travel management solution supports you when planning, processing and monitoring business trips.

SAP Travel Management enables your company to manage all the processes involved in handling trips, including requesting and planning the trip, approval prior to the trip, cost approval and reimbursement of expenses. That way travel expenses can be reimbursed to the employees automatically via SAP Payroll or Financial Accounting.

As is the case with many SAP components, there are many country-specific versions of SAP Travel Management, mapping national characteristics relating to expenses or daily allowances, for example, in SAP in conformity with the law.

Integration into SAP Employee Self Services (SAP ESS) or SAP FIORI apps means that your employees can independently request trips and send to managers for approval, book flights, hotels or rental cars and record travel expenses.

In addition to SAP Travel Management, SAP also offers Concur, the global market leader in cloud-based travel management. Concur can be integrated with other SAP modules and used on its own and thus is also of use to companies without SAP system.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


Do you have any questions, or want to inquire about something specifically? We look forward to hearing from you:

Contact Consultant
Contact Consultant

The HR Information System/HR Reporting offers your company the tools to perform numerous standard analyses or conveniently create its own analysis.

The different components of the HR Information System are the standard analyses, the Ad Hoc Query and the SAP Query.

SAP standard analyses are prebuilt reports covering most of the needed information. Examples of standard analyses include summaries of employees’ attendances and absences, staff assignments for organizational units or positions and payment reports.

In addition to standard reports, Ad Hoc Queries or SAP Queries allow you to create any type of analysis and store it for later use.

Our experienced consultants will either create these analyses for you or assist your HR department in doing so.

In case you need even more specific analyses that are beyond the scope of these tools, we are happy to create a customized program catering to your requirements.

In the SAP Portfolio, SuccessFactors People Analytics presents a modern alternative to traditional human resources information systems, facilitating cloud-based analyses of your company’s key KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


Do you have any questions, or want to inquire about something specifically? We look forward to hearing from you:

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The CATS timesheet (Cross-Application Time Sheet) is a cross-application tool for recording working times, tasks and amounts and linking them with account assignment elements such as assignments, projects or cost centers. Following approval by the relevant manager, the entries made are available to all integrated components, such as Controlling, Logistics, etc. as well as Time Management or Payroll Accounting.

Since it is an interface tool, using the timesheet necessitates using at least one of the components Time Management, Payroll Accounting, Controlling, Maintenance, Project System, Customer Service or External Services as well. With each integrated component you increase the added value of CATS

Your employees can call up CATS either directly in the SAP system or via an integration with SAP Employee Self Services in your company’s portal.

Via SAP FIORI you can call up the time sheet both on your smartphone or tablet and in a traditional web browser.

We at HCM ADVICE have many years of experience introducing, adapting and extending CATS and are happy to help you optimize CATS for your company. Please see our flyer for more information on how to use CATS in conjunction with process orders or how to make sure that all working hours are distributed among orders:

For even more information simply contact us without obligation.


Since highly sensitive data is stored in your SAP Human Capital Management System, it is important to grant access to authorized staff only.

To implement effective controls SAP provides a powerful authorization concept which allows you to combine individual authorizations and assign them to employees. This can be done manually or automatically on the basis of individually defined rules.

With SAP Authorization Concept you can both authorize your employees to call up specific programs and determine which data they can view (For example, national HR staff should be able to call up only employee data from the relevant country.)

Different kinds of access can be specified (read-only, change, erase, dual control change, etc.) and assigned separately.

Using the structural authorizations, you can also determine which organizational units within your Organizational Structure (based on positions) an employee has access to. In case of staffing changes, employees automatically receive the correct authorizations for their new positions.

With many years of experience, we at HCM ADVICE are happy to support you with planning and implementing the optimal Authorization Concept for a smooth business. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


Do you have any questions, or want to inquire about something specifically? We look forward to hearing from you:

Contact Consultant
Contact Consultant


SAP FIORI is an ever-expanding apps collection, provided by SAP for coping with numerous tasks in the SAP system. With their advanced design, FIORI Apps emphasize user-friendliness and high productivity.

The FIORI interface is also in the process of becoming the new SAP standard interface. That way, regardless of their technological basis, all SAP programs share the same advanced Look&Feel facilitating your employees’ introduction to new SAP programs.

Your employees can launch SAP FIORI on any browser and thanks to responsive design (adapting to the output device) also use it efficiently on their smartphone or tablet. That way they can complete tasks from anywhere and anytime.

The apps’ user-friendly design and the easy access to FIORI will speed up your processes and as a result, directly reduce your costs.

As entry point to SAP FIORI apps, each employee needs the FIORI launchpad, where all the apps an employee needs are clearly arranged. It allows you to launch any app and complete your tasks with a few clicks.

A few examples from the ever-expanding FIORI apps collection in SAP HCM:

  • Apply for and approve absences
  • Record, manage and release working times
  • View team schedule
  • Submit and approve travel requests
  • Record travel expenses
  • View employee data and teams
  • View and manage compensation plans
  • View remuneration statements

Apart from the FIORI apps provided by SAP, you also have the option of adapting existing apps to your needs or developing completely new apps fitting your individual requirements.

Our consultants at HCM ADVICE are happy to plan and implement a SAP FIORI apps project for you and/or develop customized apps fitting your specific requirements. Contact us without obligation.


With SAP Employee Self Services (ESS) and Manager Self Services (MSS), your employees can perform numerous HR management processes on their own, significantly unburdening your HR department. SAP ESS/MSS are web-based technologies, allowing our employees and managers to access the offered services from anywhere.

Activities that every employee can execute are mapped in the Employee Self Services. Manager Self Services focusses on typical management activities.

Needless to say, you can also select an optimum set of options for your company, which will be available to your employees and managers in the SAP Employee Self Services and Manager Self Services.

The apps based on SAP FIORI, offered by SAP, represent an alternative to the classic ESS/MSS applications. Like ESS/MSS, SAP FIORI also offers a broad spectrum of apps that can be configured for employees and managers and, thanks to modern design guidelines, are extremely user-friendly and available on all devices. Of course FIORI and ESS/MSS can also be used in combination by integrating the Employee Self Services into the FIORI Launchpad thus enabling the use of the best of both technologies for your company.

With SAP HR Renewal, the Self Service applications receive a new, attractive user interface, thereby becoming more user-friendly and less prone to error.

We would like to show you in detail what options you have when integrating the various SAP components, and what activities you can make available to your employees.

  • If your employees are authorized, they can use ESS and MSS to view their personal data (for example address, bank details, or communications data) and perform updates, which your managers can then approve or discard.
  • Combined with Time Management, ESS/MSS allows your employees to record working times online, submit leave requests and view an overview of working times and absence quotas. Your managers can either approve or deny the leave requests and also view team absences and attendances.
  • In Payroll and Compensation Management, there is an option to display employees’ salary statements directly online and let your employees select their individual compensation plan from those available.
  • SAP Event Management, where employees can sign up for events, and SAP Learning Solution, where they can access learning materials directly online, can also be integrated with ESS/MSS. The relevant manager can check these registrations and, if necessary, reject or change them.
  • Integrating the SAP E-Recruiting solution with the Self Services offers your employees an internal job portal, where they can directly apply for open positions. Managers can both manage the job postings and contact candidates.
  • Shift Planning tasks can also be integrated with ESS/MSS. Employees can list their preferred working times which are then made available to the relevant manager for planning purposes. After planning working times, employees can view the final schedule.
  • Travel Management can also be integrated with ESS/MSS, allowing your employees to directly request trips, manage travel budgets and process travel expense records.

Far from complete, this list of ESS & MSS functions gives you only a few examples of the many options you can make available to your employees using ESS & MSS.

Regarding modules that are integrated with ESS/MSS, you can also make reporting options available to your managers.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.