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Employee Profile

Employee Profile is a basic repository for employee master data that is delivered with every SAP SuccessFactors installation, regardless of the licensed modules. As soon as Employee Central is used, Employee Profile recedes into the background and is then only relevant from a technical point of view.

Employee Profile is the database for all SuccessFactors modules (if Employee Central is not implemented). Employee Profile is used to save and view data such as the name, department, office location, managers etc. Furthermore, information from the employee’s resume, such as the academic career, professional experience, skills and certifications can also be stored.

In addition to the standard fields in Employee Profile, you have the option to define up to 15 additional fields according to your needs.

Apart from the Master Data Management, Employee Profile also offers you a simple organizational chart and an employee directory, which you can make available to your employees via the web and mobile apps.

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Employee Central

Employee Central is a state-of-the-art HR management solution in the cloud for the digitalization of your company-wide HR processes. Employee Central supports you in significantly increasing the efficiency of your employee-related processes with comprehensive employee data management, approval workflows, self-service functions and much more.

Master data for all your employees is collected and displayed together in a user profile, where it can be viewed or modified, depending on the relevant authorizations. This means that users can maintain their own personal data themselves or request changes. A separate workflow management enables managers and HR users to easily process or approve these change requests.

Employee Central offers numerous country-specific functionalities. Using Employee Central, you can manage all HR master data in a central location, thereby avoiding double data storage and the resulting extra costs. With its many integration options, Employee Central serves both as a database for the SAP On-Premise module and for ERP and HR systems from other providers. That way all your investments keep their value.

The basic structure of the master data can simply be enhanced or adapted. Thanks to highly adaptable business logic it is possible to validate or even automatically calculate data. The options provided by this tool therefore lead to a high degree of digitization in your HR department.

Employee Central serves as a core element of the Cloud platform, all person-related data is merged centrally via interaction with the SuccessFactors modules, whereby you receive a comprehensive overview of your employees.

Thanks to the supplied People Analytics component it is possible to create detailed evaluations of the database. Analyses can contain complex pivot and statistical methods and be formatted graphically. These reports enable you to make evidence-based decisions, which ultimately has a positive impact on the success of your business.

Employee Central’s intuitive user interface is especially impressive, reducing error rates and significantly raising acceptability among both power users and occasional users.

Like all other SuccessFactors modules, Employee Central is available both via the browser as well as via the SuccessFactors App for smartphones. This means that your employees and your managers can access SuccessFactors from any place, at any time, for example to change data, or request vacation leave. This represents a significant relief in the daily working routine, not only for the HR department, but also for all employees.

With our predefined HCM ADVICE Employee Central best practice template, we ensure efficient and rapid implementation.

If you already use SuccessFactors Employee Central, we recommend our app SIMPLERIX org*management. With this app the time required for master data handling is significantly reduced thanks to the efficient management of departments and positions. Please feel free to contact us, without obligation, to receive more detailed information.


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Employee Central Time Tracking

Nowadays, a modern and simple solution for time recording is essential for today’s global, often decentralized workforce and is even expected by many employees. Factors such as: Accuracy, simplicity, and flexibility in time tracking have a major impact on the motivation and productivity of your employees.

With the local and internationally usable SuccessFactors Time Tracking solution, you receive exactly this: A simple yet comprehensive time management system that meets the expectations of the modern workforce. The system allows your employees to enter, check, and update their working hours from anywhere and on any device. Your employees simply enter the working hours into the system, which already knows which working time regulation is valid for the employee. With predefined approval workflows for any time compensation, employees can be confident that they will be paid on time and correctly, and can focus on their work. Furthermore, your managers receive an accurate overview of the working hours of their teams.

Advantages of SuccessFactors Time Tracking at a glance:

  • Access at any time, from anywhere, and on any device
  • Simplified and intuitive role-specific time entry for employees
  • Digital time stamp clock for entering comings and goings, with optional GPS location and multi-lingual support
  • Connection to physical terminals for entering time stamps
  • Modern, in-time calculation of working hours
  • Billing according to legal requirements and individual company requirements
  • Transparent workflows for time recording and time compensation
  • Improved employee experience
  • Control of working hours and minimization of compliance risks
  • Flexibility for employees, managers, and administrators
  • Accurate and on-time payment with a clear overview of working hours
  • Streamlining of time management for higher overall productivity

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Employee Central Payroll

With Employee Central Payroll, SAP offers the globally proven SAP Payroll as software-as-a-service in the Cloud. SAP combines the reliability of the most well-known payroll solution with the user-friendliness of a cloud solution, thus offering customers the best of both worlds.

It allows you to do your payroll in more than 40 different countries, in accordance with local regulations and laws. Your payroll specialists use the Payroll Control Center to run payroll, which enables monthly payroll to run entirely via the browser, while your employees receive their wage slips as a self-service directly in Employee Central or in the SuccessFactors app, where they can be viewed at any time.

Customers with Payroll in SAP On-Premise will profit from their employees’ experience with the on-premise Payroll module, even after switching to a cloud-based environment. During the technical conversion from the SAP On-Premise Payroll to the SAP Employee Central Payroll in the Cloud existing customizing settings can largely be re-used, thereby protecting your previously made investments.

It is also possible to connect your existing On-Premise Payroll with Employee Central, so that your master data is managed in SuccessFactors, but payroll still takes place on your local servers.

We at HCM ADVICE are happy to support you with creating and implementing your Payroll in the Cloud to find the optimal solution for your company.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


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Employee Central Service Center

SAP Employee Central Service Center is an advanced tool for your internal HR Shared Service Center. It serves as the central point of contact for all employees with HR-related questions. Employees can access the Service Center from anywhere in SuccessFactors. It offers contextually prepared information to answer most questions by resorting directly to your company’s knowledge base.

If your employees don’t find the answer in the Service Center’s knowledge base, they can create tickets which are then forwarded to the relevant department. Employees can trace their tickets and are notified as soon as their ticket’s status has changed.

Furthermore, your employees can start a discussion with a personnel administrator directly via the Service Center, to receive uncomplicated and efficient help.

For HR service representatives the Employee Central Service Center provides extensive functions for solving tickets efficiently and quickly. For example, an overview of similar tickets in the system, numerous mail templates and checklists, ensuring that an employee is getting the level of support needed.

The Employee Central Service Center features an intuitive user interface, making it as easy as possible for your employees to contact the relevant specialist department and and furthering satisfaction within the workforce.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.


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