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IT Project Management

Countless books have been written about IT project management. Project management is taught in detail at business schools and technical colleges. Good project management goes beyond methodology and procedures. Without entirely giving away the secret behind our professional project management‘s “magic”, here are a few key terms of project management “à la ADVICE.”

Project management à la ADVICE facilitates planning, managing and supervising an IT project. Our extensive experience managing complex projects and programs assures your project’s success. We perform the following steps in the various phases of the project:



Our project management aims to achieve project objectives and exceed our customers’ expectations. Generally main project objectives involve rendering a service within a specific time frame and at fixed costs. Our experienced ADVICE project managers strike the perfect balance between performance, time and cost at every stage of the project.

Project management à la ADVICE provides added value by focusing on the following:

  • Constant reassessment of priorities
  • Focusing on time- and content-sensitive activities
  • Catering to and motivating all stakeholders
  • Removing obstacles and problems
    (relating to the project and project team members)
  • Ongoing monitoring of costs and risks

In addition to their expertise, our professional staff must have social and communicative skills to participate in project management. We especially value the following soft skills:

  • Friendliness, calmness and assertiveness
  • Presentation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Moderation skills
  • Motivation skills
  • Conflict management expertise and experience
  • Leadership skills
  • Performance management

We look forward to making your project, your projects or your program a success – Let’s talk about it.



The quality of your SAP Human Experience Management implementation (Cloud or On-Premise) is directly related to the technical and professional expertise of your SAP HCM consultant. The quality of your implementation determines the simplicity of data evaluation as well as the working efficiency and workload of your executives and HR staff. In addition, a quality solution creates a more user friendly environment, reduces the error rate and lowers future costs for adaptations of your SAP HCM system.

We distinguish between two different methods in the SAP HCM implementation:

  • “Straightforward” implementation
  • “Prototyping process” implementation

The difference between “straightforward” implementation and “prototyping process” implementation lies in the design phase. While in “straightforward” implementation, we invest much energy in the detailed conceptual design of the solution, during prototyping process, we quickly achieve a working prototype, which is then refined in several cycles in close cooperation with our customers.

Both procedures pass the following phases:


In addition, the prototyping process implementation, moving through the phases analysis & design, implementation and test, runs through the following cycle:

During the prototyping process, due to earlier contact with the SAP system, the customer will quickly attune to the processes and procedures of the system while the system can be adapted perfectly to the specific customer needs.

As a consulting company specializing purely in SAP Human Experience Management, we implement all components of the SAP HCM Module, whether in Cloud or On-Premise, as well as their interfaces to other systems.

Supported by SAP HXM, we at HCM ADVICE transfer your human resources management and development activities into highly efficient, harmonized digitalized processes. It is our aim to deliver an outstanding, high quality implementation of your SAP HCM workforce process management and talent management solution.


Our training objective is to share our knowledge in a form that is both well received and retained by the participants.

For that purpose,  we use our involvement cycle for our trainings:

According to our customers’ needs, we have developed the following training formats:

Individual trainings are roughly structured as follows:

Our training series is carried out as follows:

We are ready to train your HR department, users (executives, specialists,…), key users, SAP HCM supervisors or your SAP Customer Competence Center with the appropriate training formats. Our training formats allow for individual trainings and group trainings with up to 30 people.

We aim to organize our SAP HXM (Cloud or On-Premise) trainings in goal- and success-oriented and time-efficient way for our customers.

HCM Support

The on-going service and support of your SAP HXM application (Cloud and/or On-Premise) is very important to us. We are accustomed to consulting our customers according to their specific individual needs.

Prompt answers to your phone calls, text messages, emails or electronic tickets are part of our daily service.

Depending on your preference, we are prepared to be in touch either through professional ticketing systems or simply via email, text messages or phone calls. We are also happy to support you on site. No matter how you contact us, your requests always receive our highest attention.

Check out our support process (see following picture) and ask us or directly our customers how it works in daily practice:


We support your management, your HR management, your employees, key users, SAP HCM supervisors or your SAP Customer Competence Center. We are happy to share our know-how with your employees – in as much depth as desired. No matter what level of support you need, we are happy to assist you in any area of your SAP Human Experience Management.

Usually we provide our support services for the following selection of subjects:

  • Statutory fiscal year changes
  • Changes to your performance rating system
  • “Roll-out” of your SAP HCM system on domestic and international markets
  • Software patches, updates and upgrades
  • Technical adjustments of interfaces to other systems
  • Successive enhancement of your SAP HCM system with other SAP HCM components, such as
  • or simply supporting your users in their daily use



Templates & Apps

What are Templates in SAP Human Capital Management (HCM)?

The standard SAP software leaves plenty of room for customizing and can be applied to various industries and countries. For quick and efficient usage, SAP itself has created industry solutions that already include industry-specific default settings. In addition, SAP delivers Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) including technical default settings for SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors. In order to implement and expand SAP systems more efficiently, additional templates, often referred to as apps, have established themselves on the market.

Templates are predefined SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors solutions and programs, which simplify the implementation of certain HCM components, thereby reducing both setup time and cost. These templates support large parts of human capital management and specific tasks in the human resources department.

The term template is also used for the central default settings of a company, which can then be distributed to other locations or countries. These templates are created specifically for the company for use only within the corporation.

Ready-made templates exist globally for

  • Transnational HCM solutions
  • Industry-specific HCM solutions
  • Medium-sized companies in specific countries

and particularly for

  • Country-specific payrolls
  • Time and performance recording requirements
  • Accrual calculations
  • Accident and absence management
  • Pension fund systems
  • Job application management processes
  • Simplifying the HR data upload process

We sell and implement both our own HCM ADVICE templates as well as those of our partners and look forward to helping you select the appropriate solution, whether for initial implementation or the expansion of your human resources system. Please contact us for more information.

CATS & ADVICE Enhancements

Extended functions for CATS in SAP

CATS (Cross Application Time Sheet) is an SAP application which allows a uniform and cross-component time recording for employees. Employees can independently record hours in CATS and book them to a cost center or projects. The data can be transferred to other SAP ERP components, such as SAP HCM or SAP CO (Controlling) at regular intervals through various standard ways.

If companies using CATS also have ESS (Employee Self Services) or MSS (Manager Self Services) in use then CATS can be integrated directly into the self-service solutions and employees can access their time recording through any internet browser.

HCM ADVICE already has years of experience in the adaptation and extension of CATS and can support you in optimally implementing your wishes. As an example for our expertise in the field of CATS, we would like to present two extensions that we have implemented and offer our customers as CATS extensions.

With the help of our ADVICE ENHANCEMENT „Information on Hours Present“, the hours displayed are reduced if an employee records time to a project or cost center in CATS, and the employee is thus always able to see how much time per day he still needs to distribute. Furthermore, through a dedicated info type, it is possible to define a percentage division of the hours present in advance.

With help from ADVICE “Reporting on Process Orders”, it is now possible for users to transfer the data recorded in CATS to process orders of production planning. Through the transfer of working times from time recording to production planning the log of the working time used always remains up-to-date and planning can be adjusted according to the reported times.

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Absence management by ADVICE

Effective Absence management in SAP

Efficient absence management adds value to your management.  The systematic recording of absences provides a complete overview throughout the company, allows you to analyze the data and therefore mitigate negative effects by setting the right preventive measures. Through minimization of absences you lower the organizational challenges and the related costs.

Absence management offers various options to increase the satisfaction and productivity of your employees to further business success. Despite these benefits, standard SAP doesn’t cover absence management. Therefore, HCM ADVICE has developed a solution to integrate absence management in SAP.

ADVICE absence management provides a clear interface for your managers, case managers and HR department, which can be used as a standalone, or seamlessly integrated with SAP manager self-services. All processes are based on workflows and operated with the absence level calculation. Even correspondences with your insurance can be managed directly in the cockpit, to report long-term sick leaves or anomalies.

Each absence case can be viewed in detail, with all relevant documents attached, such as medical certificates. ADVICE absence management assists with the coordination of first time-, follow up-, return- and level related meetings, to assure all important topics are discussed. It also provides notifications for outstanding discussions and guidelines. The absence chart, as various other reports (such as absence development and absence statistics) help your managers to always stay up-to-date.

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ADVICE HR Cost Planning

Efficient personnel cost planning in SAP with ADVICE

Future cost planning is an essential element of every successful company. Budget drafts at all levels are necessary to be well prepared for the coming periods and to be alerted in time if planning is too far removed from reality.

SAP HR Cost Planning facilitates managing and planning your HR costs, taking various factors, such as tax or social security costs into consideration. This provides you with a comprehensive view of your company’s AS-IS situation and allows you to compare it to various fictitious scenarios created in SAP HR Cost Planning. That way you can identify optimization potential and prepare in time for restructuring within the company and the resulting changes.

HR Cost Planning allows for interfacing with all important SAP modules, such as Financial Accounting, Controlling or Payroll, so that you can retrieve the most current data at all times.

For easy implementation, we at HCM ADVICE have created a template, allowing us to implement efficient HR cost planning with a web-based planning interface in your company and add extended functions.

Manager can evaluate their current team constellation and create personnel needs with the status “planned” directly in the system themselves. The tool can be accessed by an intuitive, web-based interface. Posts with the status “planned” can be created in three simple, predefined steps. The data can be instantly included in planning scenarios and serves as valuable information for budgeting.

Furthermore, the ADVICE template allows you to start and evaluate multiple planning scenarios at once, in contrast to the standard SAP, where scenarios must be started individually.

So, you can offer your employees a central platform for HR Cost Planning, avoid unstructured paper inquiries and enable effective collaboration of managers and those responsible for planning.

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B@seline HR Switzerland

SAP salary processing template for Swiss SMEs

ERPb@seline Human Resources is based on the basic processes of the module SAP HCM and SAP standard software. The solution is specifically tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in Switzerland.

The pre-configured solution ERPb@seline Human Resources ensures a fast and cost-effective entry in human resources management. The solution includes all settings and processes needed for easy salary processing. It focusses on essentials.

With its clearly structured menu, employees can select functions directly and work in a process-oriented way. This eliminates the time-consuming task of searching complex directory trees. ERPb@seline ensures that employees will quickly familiarize with the new application. To provide a clear overview, but also to support legal reporting, analyses can be generated at the touch of a button.

ERPb@seline HR at a glance

HR Master Data

  • Primary process and steps
  • Organizational structure in HR
  • Vacation and attendance management
  • Monthly processes (Import variable wage data)
  • Annual processes (wage round)

Organizational Management

  • Maintenance of master data, planned posts, jobs etc.
  • SAP standard HR reporting tools for organizational management, planned posts, and jobs
  • Generate visual organizational charts, integration of optional workflows

Payroll CH and legal reporting

  • Linking planned posts to cost centers
  • Large wage type catalog
  • Correction and multiple payroll
  • Periodic / recurring tasks
  • Payment transactions
  • Posting transfer
  • Statistics for BFS/SWISSMEM
  • Existing job catalog pursuant to BFS requirements


  • Master data and wage types reports
  • Legal reports, provisions, and verifications
  • Daily, monthly, or annual reports
  • Individual reports with Office Integration

Qualification management

  • Employee qualification / training certificates

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XFT Personnel File

In Germany, from 2023, the paper form of the certificate of incapacity for work will no longer be accepted and an electronic reporting procedure will be implemented. Most applications will be submitted using online portals or CVs and correspondence sent via e-mail. Doctor’s confirmations or vaccination certificates will rarely be brought into the offfice by hand, but will be transmitted digitally instead. These are only few of many examples in which digitalization leads to the end of paper-based documents. Anyone who does not want to constantly use their printer to keep personnel files up-to-date should also switch to a digital form here. Digital administration reduces the workload and resources.

XFT Personnel File represents a variant of the management of digital employee documents: A digital personnel file that can be completely integrated into your existing SAP HCM or SuccessFactors system.

The advantages of this completely integrated solution are that it can be based on the existing SAP authorization concept, meaning authorizations for accessing files can be controlled and monitored easily. Individual file access can be controlled as well as temporary access to documents via a loan function. Another major challenge is complying with deletion deadlines. Here, too, the XFT Personnel File supports you with corresponding functions. In this way, data protection requirements can be implemented and monitored.

The personnel file can be called directly in SAP HCM personnel administration (PA20, PA30) for the relevant personnel number. Functions can also be integrated into an existing SAP FIORI. Functions such as “My File“, “My Temporary Files“, “Get Temporary Access“, “Applicant File“ or “Upload Document to File“ can comfortably be implemented using Employee Self Service. This integration enables employees to submit their own documents themselves thus contributing to the reduction of the administrative outlay in the HR area.

Contact us simply and without obligation for more information.


Apps to Simplify Your Human Experience Management

Simpler, faster, more efficient: SIMPLERIX by ADVICE was developed to better optimize your human experience management. As a perfect enhancement for SAP SuccessFactors, our SIMPLERIX apps simplify your employees’ work.

Are you interested in our SIMPLERIX products? Contact us, without obligation, for more information. We are continuously extending our range of SIMPLERIX apps.

SIMPLERIX org*management

Simply Manage Your Organization in SuccessFactors

Do you already use Position Management in SuccessFactors Employee Central or are you about to launch it? If so, SIMPLERIX org*management is the perfect app for you!

With SIMPLERIX org*management the time required for master data handling is significantly reduced thanks to the efficient management of departments and positions.

In addition to a clear and intuitive interface, the app offers systematic inheritance logic which simplifies the maintenance of your organization sustainably. The advantages of modern cloud technology are thereby enhanced with the core competencies of classic SAP HCM – for simple and optimized master data handling.

SIMPLERIX org*management offers:

  • Clear visualization of departments, positions and employees
  • Time savings thanks to simple reorganization using drag and drop
  • Clarity and structure via inheritance of cost centers to departments,
    positions and subsequently employees (SAP HCM inheritance logic)
  • Flexibility through the use of further attributes for inheritance,
    e.g., divisions and business units
  • Data security since your data remain exclusively in your SAP
    SuccessFactors instance, thus avoiding separate data storage
  • Simple access by calling up the app directly from SAP SuccessFactors
    as well as checking SuccessFactors permission roles
  • Seamless and simple operation based on a user-friendly web
    interface in the familiar SuccessFactors environment (SAPUI5)

SIMPLERIX org*management guarantees:

Simplification of ongoing structure maintenance

Significant time savings

Avoidance of errors

Functionality that saves costs and makes work easier

To download our product flyer please click here:


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SIMPLERIX quick*apply

Simply Apply Without Registration in SAP SuccessFactors

You already use Recruiting in SAP SuccessFactors or are just about to implement it? Then SIMPLERIX quick*apply is the right solution for you!

With SIMPLERIX quick*apply you can bring top talents to your company with quick and easy applications without the tedious creation of an account and without password entry.

In addition to an increase in suitable candidates, the great advantage for you lies in the flexible display options in SIMPLERIX quick*apply. You can integrate SIMPLERIX quick*apply into your SuccessFactors career page however you see fit – either on the application page or directly below the job posting. If you run a standalone career page independently of SAP SuccessFactors, SIMPLERIX quick*apply allows you to upload applications directly into your SAP SuccessFactors system.

SIMPLERIX quick*apply offers you:

  • Simple application with just one click of the mouse
  • Seamless integration into your career page or SAP SuccessFactors career page
  • User-friendly interface in your Corporate Design
  • Mobile applications via smartphone
  • Flexibility in the design of the application form
  • Automatic filtering of applications with the help of SAP SuccessFactors pre-screening question

With SIMPLERIX quick*apply you will gain:

No tedious password entry

Fewer canceled applications

Numerous options for placing

Advancement of corporate image

Attractive and user-friendly interface

For more information contact us without obligation.

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Our best references are our satisfied clients. We are proud to serve numerous customers, from medium enterprises to multinational conglomerates.

Selection of Customers


As we are exclusively specialized in Human Capital Management (SAP HCM and SuccessFactors), we engage in our client projects in a positive and cooperative manner with other consulting companies, such as




Success Stories

Again, my sincere thanks to you Mr. Berthold and Mrs. Klug for your great work and dedicated support. We are looking forward to continuing our good cooperation in the future!
Zheng Wu, CFO, TIGER Drylac Co. Ltd., China
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I would like to thank you for your outstanding commitment, also on behalf of Ms. Batzke. The implementation has worked out smoothly, despite the narrow time frame. We are looking forward to good cooperation. Well done!
Sabine Konieczny, Authorized Signatory / Head of Sales, YADOS Ltd., Germany
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It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you very much for the prompt and accurate realisation of our requirements
Claudia Eisenhut, Manager Controlling, EgoKiefer plc, Switzerland
Read success story ...
Around the clock, around the globe, for projects as well as support – we always know that we can fully rely on the expertise and efforts of HCM ADVICE. Executing projects with HCM ADVICE is a pleasure – very competent and passionate consultants with a high-service dedication, always going the extra-mile for us and making our projects a full success.
Tina Mühlebach, Head of HR Switzerland, Sulzer Chemtech AG, Switzerland
Read success story ...
Thanks to the consultants at HCM ADVICE our system migration worked out smoothly.
Priska Altermatt, team leader payroll office, Loeb AG, Switzerland
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Thank you very much once more. The cooperation with you worked perfectly.
Ramona Birlan, Manager Human Resources, Celebi Ground Services Austria GmbH, Austria.
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